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Bush’s Election and “The Believers”

I was soooooo pissed when George W. Bush was allowed to steal the 2000 presidential election!  I couldn’t believe the country was letting him do what he did.  I think we were all so sure that our system would end up putting the properly elected person in office that we didn’t take any steps to insure that it would!  And, after the fact, we were in a state of shock and really just unsure what the hell we should do to kick his ass out! 

About the only thing we had left to do would have been an outright revolution after the damned Supreme Courts went along with the farce!  I don’t think any of us ever thought we would see the day that the Supreme Court would ever openly pull such an obvious politically motivated stunt.  The actual results of the election were so obvious to everyone and even the news anchors knew who had really won the election! 

The "free press" is the other stop gap that is supposed to prevent stolen elections!  Hell, everyone knew what they were doing to maneuver the election results; it was reported on the news 24 hours a day and we still did nothing to stop them.  Toward the end, I would watch the news being reported and the anchors would actually be struggling with whether they should just be honest and tell the truth!  I would sit and stare with my mouth wide open in a state of shock.  How could the news people be saying what they were saying?  Some of them gave up all resemblance of being unbiased and were actually openly supporting Bush and saying he had won.

I was so angry that I said that I would never vote again and that the election had shown that democracy is an ideal that can never be reached.  A democracy requires an educated citizenry and I felt that the election proved that in general the population is just too damned dumb to be able to make the important decisions of government!  Really!  If given the choice between two people for president, one who had been very successful in all endeavors, served as a photographer in Viet Nam, unbelievably experienced in our government both domestic and foreign, very knowledgeable of our military and intelligence power, intelligent, highly educated and the other who had never succeeded at any job he had taken, came dangerously close to destroying his life and his family with drugs and alcohol, got into the college he attended based on his name and not his work, average intelligence, and no experience in government and no knowledge of world affairs, that anyone with even average intelligence would choose the first one!  The fact that millions actually voted for the latter shows to me that the population in general cannot be trusted to make such an important decision.  Either that or the election was rigged!  In the beginning I thought it was the population but as time has gone by I now firmly believe that "the believers" rigged the election and placed their choice of ruler in the spot of president.  

Now, I think we need to wake up all those who believe in our system and make sure they know that it is in danger.  And, yes, I honestly believe if we don’t find grounds to have him "recalled" along with Cheney, our country is no where near to the bottom it will hit.  The man should not be making the decisions he is making; he does not have a clue as to how to run this country.  He’s playing a spoiled child’s game with all of our lives; he does not have the necessary maturity, experience, or intelligence it takes to run this country.

We all had a lot (too much) faith in our system, which just goes to show that even with the best system, people must always expect the worst from their political opponents and be prepared to force those in influential positions to uphold the system and its principles when someone with money and power mounts an assault against it! 

I have a theory (I’m sure you knew I would!  :-).  It goes like this:  Of the two parties, which party "in general" is the tolerant party? (Democrats)  Which party is the intolerant party? (Republicans)  Which party will always try to compromise and find the middle ground so that everyone will be treated fairly?  (Democrats) Which party will do everything they can (legal or not) to make sure their views and ideals rule because God is on their side? (Republicans)  Which party believes in "live and let live"? (Democrats)  Which party believes everyone has to live the way "they believe" and only they know the right way to live? (Republicans)  Not only do Republicans think that only they know the right way to live, they will define it for everyone and draft laws to make sure that they can force everyone to live according to their definitions!

Ok, now, imagine that you have one group of tolerant, “live and let live” people and you have one group of intolerant, self-righteous people.  Imagine an issue (any issue) comes up which must be defined and legislation drafted. Which group will say that there is only one right answer and they know what that answer is?  Which group will move rapidly to define the issue based on a very rigid set of rules for fear that the masses will destroy the country. Which group does not need to research the issue or consult with anyone since, according to them, God has already ruled on all issues and it is their mission to spread the word and enforce his will.   I refer to this group as "the believers" because they honestly believe that they are always right because God is their leader and there is no room for doubt.  It is the mission of the believers to make sure that everyone becomes a believer; they must convert everyone to their beliefs and if they can’t convert them, they must make sure that they are never allowed to make any of the rules! They devote their lives to making sure everyone lives by their rules, which they will always claim to be God’s rules! Recently, “the believers” have mostly been Republicans!

Unless the tolerant, democratic group is awakened to the fact that there is a group who will stop at nothing to make sure they are the rulers, democracy will not survive.  The tolerant group must at all times protect the rights of all groups to participate in the making of the laws which govern everyone.  Now, the tolerant group does not take to this chore easily since their very makeup goes against making rules for everyone.  They desire to "live and let live" and making one rule for everyone goes against the independence they cherish! 

But, history has shown over and over again that the tolerant group absolutely must at all times have someone on guard to protect the rights of all groups; whenever they have failed to do so in the past, the intolerant, self-righteous people among them have assumed control and eventually brought about untold suffering and destroyed the freedom and independence that they cherish so much!  We have all begun to realize that the election of George W. Bush (or as I call it the American Coup) has already caused untold suffering and promises much more to come if we don’t impeach him and Cheney now!

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