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Hillary’s Iraq War Vote

People should stop pushing for Hillary Clinton to admit she made a mistake on her Iraq war vote!  She’s said she would not vote the same way if she knew then what she knows now.  She’s said she takes responsibility for her vote!  If she takes their advice and admits she made a mistake she will just be playing into the hands of the Republican strategists and giving them the “sound bite” they want!  I hope she and her campaign advisors don’t give into the demands of the media and give the Republicans a sorely wanted sound bite! 

Her vote gave the President the ability to use the threat of going to war while taking the appropriate steps to get Saddam to abide by the U. N. requests.  Yes, a lot of us did not trust Bush and thought he would go to war at the first opportunity; but, he was the President after all and senators should be able to trust the person who is in that office to do what he says he will do and to follow the appropriate steps!  And, if he had possessed WMDs Bush would have needed to act without delays!  Would people have wanted her to withhold his ability to go to war under those circumstances?

The real problem is that the American people allowed someone like Bush to take over the office of the President of the United States!  He should have never had the opportunity to take us into a preemptive war in the first place!

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