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Memo to Tucker on MSNBC RE A Woman President

Tucker, I had thought that you had some intelligence but I’m beginning to think that you’re not so smart after all! You think the first woman president would be “noteworthy” but not such a big deal!  How stupid can you be! Why would you say that Obama being elected as the first African American president would be a big deal but a woman being elected president would just be noteworthy!  What is your problem!  I think you need to seek counseling re your chauvinism and what is at the base of it before you negatively affect your own girls’ psyche!

Of course it’s going to be a big deal when we elect the first woman president!  And, I want you to know that it’s not just the young women with masters degrees who support Hillary.  I’m 57 and I support Hillary although I do have a M.S. degree and all but dissertation toward my Ph.D.  My mother is 75 and she supports Hillary.  One of my sisters is 59 and one is 47 and they both support Hillary!  And, I know of many women who support Hillary and are very excited by the possibility of the presidential glass ceiling being broken!  Believe me there is an unbelievable excitement amongst all women of all ages about the possibility of a woman being president of the most powerful country in the world whether they are crazy about Hillary or not!  You have a real problem with Hillary Clinton; not a day goes by that you don’t find some way to take a shot at her and usually you do so by misrepresenting the facts or embellishing them with your own sordid comments!

The fact that you have four children in today’s world says a lot about you and what you believe especially when it comes to the place of women in the household!  .I think you are running scared that a woman has a real chance of becoming president and it just goes against everything you stand for with your cave man ideals!

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