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Tucker on MSNBC Jealous of Hillary

I am growing tired of Tucker’s (MSNBC) not so subtle triads against Hillary Clinton.  On one program he was making a general comment about candidates having difficulty appearing genuine and sincere and added in a low tone Hillary Clinton!  He can’t seem to make even a general comment without adding a slur about Hillary.  While interviewing Kucinich he twice added barbs about Hillary Clinton but said nothing about the other candidates.  It’s getting old. 

Tucker is obviously jealous of Hillary Clinton and he just can’t stand it that a strong woman is now a viable candidate for president, especially her.  He’s made some really stupid statements in reference to her such as “I don’t think she’s so smart; why does everyone always refer to her as being highly intelligent” and “she doesn’t have any real experience other than being the wife of a president” and “she hasn’t really done anything in the Senate” and on and on and on!  Every one of those statements are ridiculous and they make Tucker look like a weak, whiney man each time he says them.  Knocking Hillary Clinton on anything except the facts only reinforces the appearance that he is insecure and unable to accept and work with a strong, intelligent woman!

I challenge him to go through a week without saying anything negative about Hillary Clinton.  Reporting or discussing facts about something she may have said or done is expected but he does not seem to be able to do just that.  He always adds a not-so-subtle, negative sound bite when speaking of Hillary!  He goes out of his way to mention her with a negative statement but not the other candidates.  Of course, they are all MEN!!!  (He is almost as bad about Pelosi!)

Even though I and my friends have watched his program since he first came on MSNBC, if he continues to just be a blowhard about Hillary, we’re going to stop watching!  We’re sick of it!

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