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Those who claim Valarie Plame had to be active in a foreign country within the last 5 years in order to be considered an active CIA agent need to do some research! 

Ever since the creation of the CIA in 1947, the agency has been excluded from federal law-enforcement within the United States. That function was left to the FBI—which must operate in conformity to domestic laws and, in more recent years, under guidelines promulgated by the attorney general designed to insure protection of the rights of citizens.

Valarie Plame was working as an agent of the CIA and anything she was working on had to (by law) pertain to a foreign country.  So, Plame was an active CIA operative and that is that!

Dick Cheney knew Plame was a CIA agent and he knew he was outing her and he didn’t care!  He and all those involved should be prosecuted for outing a CIA agent!  I guarantee you that many people lose their security clearances for a lot less than

Cheney and Carl Rove have done!  It’s a shame that the most the prosecutors can come up with is Scooter Libby’s lame attempt to cover up for Cheney and Rove!

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