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Public Funding of Abortions and Wars!

I’m sick and tired of hearing the comment that Tony Perkins made on MSNBC Hardball (March, 2007) about public funding of abortions taking money out of the family budgets of families who are fundamentally opposed to abortions!  Hey, they take money out of my budget every week for things I’m fundamentally opposed to such as funding an immoral war or any war for that matter, giving money to big oil corporations out of my pocket, funding the war against drugs which is one of the biggest policy failures ever to be undertaken by the government, etc.! 

So, Tony Perkins get over it!!!  You and your kind think your budgets are so special and that you can tag your tax money to support only those things you support!  Who the hell do you think you are!  We all know that you use this as a talking point just so you can get abortion to be illegal; it’s your way of giving people a reason to vote against abortion who otherwise would vote for it or at least not be against it! And who do you think you’re fooling by saying that you are pro life when you support unnecessary wars!  What a hypocrite!

I think I’m going to start a revolution amongst the middle class to allow us to say EXACTLY what our tax money can and cannot be used to support!  Wonder where our federal government would be if we managed to get laws passed that would limit the use of tax funds according to what each “family budget” wanted them to be used for by congress!!!

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