NO ONE DOUBTS THAT HILLARY CLINTON IS QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! We have the opportunity for the first time to break the glass ceiling for a woman to become president of the United States!  We must take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Hillary Clinton is highly intelligent, has excellent credentials, possesses extensive foreign affairs knowledge and experience, has six years as a successful senator, possesses excellent campaigning and fund raising skills, has unsurpassed organizational skills, has compassion for the people, spent eight years as the most trusted counsel to a successful President, and on and on. 
Women especially should vote for Hillary!  Now, I like Obama; he’s energizing and exciting and he has so much to offer and his election would break another glass ceiling that I want dearly to see broken.  The problem is I don’t think the American public is ready to break that ceiling as much as I wish they were.  Five years ago I would say to my friends that I really would like to see Hillary as President but I did not want her to run because I just didn’t think she could get elected.  I didn’t think the American public was ready to vote for a woman president and if she ran Democrats would lose the office to a Republican.  Our desires to see a woman president could not be allowed to cause us to lose the election and I felt sure it would if she ran.  Now, five years later, there’s no doubt in my mind that Hillary can win the general election; there’s been an unbelievable change in the public’s willingness to vote women into office and I think they are ready to vote for a woman to be President.  Unfortunately, people will SAY they will vote for an African American for President but I don’t think they are being truthful.  There is still far too much racism in this country for an African American to actually win the general election.  I hope with all my heart that this will change as rapidly as the discrimination against a woman for president has seemed to change.  But, until it does, we must vote for the one who can win the office of President. 
If you are a woman and you are torn between voting for Hillary and Obama or if you have decided to vote for Obama, you need to think about whether you will ever again in your lifetime get a chance to actually see a woman elected to the highest office in this country.  There are several male candidates in addition to Obama who are qualified and deserve our votes (like Edwards and Biden).   We must choose one candidate to run against the Republicans.   
All of our Democratic candidates are highly qualified but only one of them can get elected AND break the glass ceiling for a woman to be President of the United States and that’s Hillary Clinton!  We may not agree with everything Hillary says; we won’t agree with everything any candidate says.  Come on women!  Don’t miss this opportunity to put a woman in the White House!  Get out and vote for Hillary and get all your friends to vote for her!  We’ve waited long enough and now we can do it if we make the effort to support Hillary when she needs us the most!  Put signs in your yards and on your vehicles, write letters to editors, donate time and money to her campaign, do whatever you can to help put a woman in the White House in 2008!
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