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Bush Slaps Public in the Face!

Bush has said he will let Rove and his other cronies talk to congress in a back room with no transcript and NOT under oath!  How generous he is!!!  Bush’s offer is like a slap in the face to the American public!  Rove and his cronies can talk to members of congress in secret but they can won’t be under oath!  Who the hell does Bush think he’s kidding! 
What is it that Bush, Rove and his cronies have to say that is soooooo hush hush that they can’t talk about it in public!  If they will be allowed to talk to Congress at all, WHY WON’T THEY DO IT UNDER OATH AND WITH A TRANSCRIPT!  I’ll tell you why!  They are going to lie to Congress again just like they always have and they don’t want a transcript.  Without a transcript, it will simply be "he said, she said" when questions arise later and believe be there will be questions later!!!
Members of the press beware; this is just another one of the White House’s famous distractions!  Cover this story but concentrate on the war in Iraq.  The White House does not want the press to concentrate on the war in Iraq or why we still don’t have Osama!!!
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