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Letter to Chris Matthews 11/6/07 Re Hillary Bias

The following letter was sent to Chris Matthews on November 6, 2007:

You’re program began today with David Shuster saying at the end of his piece, Clinton’s “inconsistencies in style”, referring to her being  a long-time Yankee fan as though she was being “inconsistent”!!!  You KNOW she has been a long-time Yankee fan and there IS NO INCONSISTENCY!!!  Yet, you aired the piece anyway.

I don’t think you’ve done one program during the last few months without making a negative statement about Hillary Clinton!  You asked Sally Smith “How Many Years did you spend figuring out these people, you know soooooo much about these people having spent . . . how many years have you spent trying to figure out the Clintons?”  When Smith replied “three years”, you began stuttering all over yourself trying to make it sound like three years was a long time!  Hah!

Today’s show contained one negative statement after another:

What doe she mean when she makes fun of Rudy (Yankees fan)?  Does she think up this MILARKY?!!!  She looks like a FRAUD!!

Re Clinton’s Library:  WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?!!!!

What’s with her clapping!  You went on and on in a negative tone re Hillary Clinton clapping her hands!  What a trivial thing to say or to talk about!

Re Hillary and Bill together you said “Is this show business, this THING we’re watching!

You actually asked Smith “Do they live together”!!!!  Smith said they haven’t really lived together since Hillary began running for the Senate!  You did not even follow up on that or make her give any statement to back up what she said!!!

You regularly intimate that Bill is going to be a problem!  Today you said “Is he going to be a problem next year” and “is he going to create an embarrassment”!  When Smith tried to answer, you CUT her off and said “you know why I KNOW THAT IS TRUE”!!  You went on to offer proof by saying you had talked with a couple of flaks that worked for her!!!!  You then go on with glee to mention Jones, Flowers, and Lewinsky!  HOW MUCH MORE RIDICULOUS OR BIASED CAN YOU GET!!!!!

You said “if she’s the nominee starting January 29 after Florida and the Democrats are STUCK with her as their nominee!!!! Believe me, when she’s the nominee, we won’t consider ourselves STUCK with her!  But this comment more than any other clarifies your position!

You accused Hillary of exploiting Bill’s guilty feelings for power!  Then you said “I HEARD” from David Gergen that she got power over the healthcare issue by exploiting the Paula Jones issue!!!!  Then you called her a BLACKMAILER!!!!  You now have stooped to spreading rumors!

When Smith said she would NOT say who she would vote for, you pushed her to say that she had left something out of the book re Hillary that we all should know that would make us not vote for her!!!  Kudos to Smith for not falling into the trap or just making something up just to please you!!!

Bill Clinton never most disciplined person.  Is he disciplined enough to be a co-pilot of nation!  These statements were just full of false innuendos!

You asked Smith “are you confident that there will be a stable relationship”!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!

You said “Most sit cons run for 4 years, this ran for 8.  Does anybody really want this sit com to continue?  We do not want the sit com for another 8 years”!!   NO DOUBT WHERE YOU STAND!

You called Hillary a fraud again “public fraudulence in this baseball stuff” when you know there is proof of her being a long-time Yankee fan!

You said her voice rose when she was attacking Rudy over the Sox fan stuff and then said it was the worst of both—fingers on blackboard and a stupid topic!  You’re voice ain’t the greatest either at times!!!

You referred to the Clinton documents fight!  Then you referred to “this effort to KEEP FROM US this relationship that was on paper”!!  Do you think you could have described this LACK of info in a more headline grabbing way!!!!

Of course you have a right to your position and you can keep on flogging Hillary Clinton on your show as you did her husband before her.  But, if she’s not elected for some reason and we get another dufus in the White House, you need to be ready to take responsibility for your actions!!!

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