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Letter to MSNBC Re Tim Russert 1/12/08

The following letter was sent to MSNBC on 1/12/08 Re Tim Russert’s BIASED coverage of Democratic Primary:

Well, MSNBC-TV did it again; they gave almost an entire broadcast (Tim Russert 1/12/08 noon til 1:00 pm EST) to praising Obama!  He doesn’t need to purchase advertising; MSNBC is giving him all the free support he needs!  It’s unbelievable that Russert had three guests and ALL THREE had stars in their eyes every time Obama was mentioned!  It’s sickening how the pundits are falling all over themselves for Obama; their lap-dog coverage is not being bought by the public as was shown in the NH primaries.

Also, their discussion of people wanting a change when they voted for Reagan and not really caring about the specifics and comparing that to Obama may have been appropriate!  Look what we got with Reagan!  Trickle down economics that never trickled down!  Hope people realize that the specifics do matter with a candidate!  Reagan was a miserable failure as a president and we don’t need another one like him!

I think an open, frank discussion of the possibility of Obama getting any kind of major support on Super Tuesday would be appropriate!  MSNBC-TV does not want to give a frank discussion of Obama’s chances because that would take away from their pumping up the ratings with a false race!  Stop trying to make a race where none exists!  Tell the public the truth; after Super Tuesday, Obama is out of the race!!!

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