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Obama is Republicans Choice NOT Democrats!

Republicans are biding their time behind the curtains just waiting, wishing, and hoping that they get to dance with Obama.  If they do, it will be Obama’s last political dance; and, we Democrats will have lost a shining star who was just beginning to shine but who could not help rushing onto the political stage a little too early!


Wednesday morning (1/30/08) on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Johah Goldberg, author, “LIBERAL FACISM” repeated a talking point that many Republicans are using.  When asked if conservatives could support John McCain as their nominee, he said: “Maybe, it depends; I think it’s a lot easier if Hillary is the nominee.  You know, I mean, Hillary is, you know, it’s, she’s the small pox vaccine that elicits all the antibodies on the right side!”  He went on to say that it’s just a much harder thing to predict how people would run against Obama!


Well, let me tell you something, the Republicans will have no problem running against Obama and they all know it!  The Clintons have beaten the Republicans over and over again; they know how to do it.  The Republicans KNOW in their hearts that they don’t won’t to run against Hillary. Be careful for what you wish, YOU MAY GET IT!


Republicans want the Democrats to THINK they want to run against Hillary; they are trying to influence Democrats to vote for Obama!  Goldberg was WRONG; it is not much harder to predict how Republicans will run against Obama!  I’ve watched Republicans run nasty, below-the-belt campaigns for over 35 years (McGovern, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry); and, I guarantee you that, if for some reason the Democrats lose their logical minds and vote for Obama as their candidate, the Republicans will chew him up and spit him out!  Obama is not ready for Prime Time; the Republicans know it. 

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