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Obama’s Political Future in Peril

I, as much as anyone else, was impressed and excited by Obama when I heard him give his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention.  I have always been a strong supporter of civil rights as well as women’s rights; so, I immediately thought that he would be an excellent Presidential candidate IN THE FUTURE and had high hopes for his ability to one day put an end to the all-white male dominance of the office.  I was disheartened when he decided to enter the race prematurely and before he had the necessary qualifications to run!


I don’t know who convinced Obama that now was the time for him to run for President, but they did him a major disservice!  Obama WAS NOT qualified to be President when he decided to run and HE IS NOT QUALIFIED to be President now. 


If Obama wishes to have a political future in the Democratic Party, he needs to realize that HE IS NOT GOING TO WIN THE NOMINATION and stop his verbal attacks on Hillary.  All he can do now is further divide his own party and help the Republicans win another Presidential race just as Ted Kennedy did with his run against Carter!


I heard Obama say that the people who supported Hillary WILL support him if he gets the nomination but he did not think the reverse was true.  How NAÏVE he is if he thinks I, or many people like me who support Hillary, will support him after he has attacked her so viciously!  He had better think again!  We’re angry and we are getting angrier with every attack statement he makes!  He’s NOT going to win the nomination and he is only hurting his chances of winning in the future!  Even if some of us who support Hillary were willing to vote for him in the general election, we WILL LOSE that election; and, I can guarantee you that he will never again get the nomination of the Democratic Party! 


Obama should look outside the limited circle of people who gave him bad advice when they advised him to run in the first place, and get someone who will give him a blunt, REAL outlook of his political future if he continues to divide his own party!


It’s time for Obama to drop out of the race, mend his fences, and go on the fight another day.  If he does not drop out soon, he will end up like Ted Kennedy, a promising young Senator who could never win the nomination of the Democratic Party due to his own mistakes! 

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