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Qualified Woman (Hillary) vs Unqualified Man (Obama)

If A WOMAN tried to run for President with Obama’s background, she would have been ridiculed and ripped to shreds by the media!  A white male would have been laughed off the stage in his bid for President if the only experience he had was two years in the Senate a few years as a state legislator!  Obama is getting a pass on his experience and qualifications to be President of the most powerful country in the world!


The media is doing the people of this country a major disservice by slobbering all over Obama just because he delivers an excellent speech!  It’s not fair to the country and it’s certainly not fair to African Americans in the long run!  The media compares Obama to JFK and Robert Kennedy but fails to compare the drastic differences in each of their qualifications to run for the highest office in the land!


Women have waited a long time to have a QUALIFIED candidate to run for the Presidency; and, now that we have one, the media is supporting an unqualified male for the position!  I don’t know why I should be surprised that the mostly white, male media would support an unqualified, African-American MALE over a supremely qualified female!


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