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Tony Perkins is a HYPOCRITE!

I’m sick and tired of hearing the comment that Tony Perkins makes about public funding of abortions taking money out of the family budgets of families who are fundamentally opposed to abortions!  Hey, they take money out of my budget every week for things I’m fundamentally opposed to such as funding an immoral war or any war for that matter, giving money to big oil corporations out of my pocket, funding the war against drugs which is one of the biggest policy failures ever to be undertaken by the government, etc.! 

So, Tony Perkins get over it!!!  You and your kind think your budgets are so special and that you can tag your tax money to support only those things you support!  Who the hell do you think you are!  We all know that you use this as a talking point just so you can get abortion to be illegal; it’s your way of giving people a reason to vote against abortion who otherwise would vote for it or at least not be against it! And who do you think you’re fooling by saying that you are pro life when you support unnecessary wars!  What a hypocrite!

I think I’m going to start a revolution amongst the middle class to allow us to say EXACTLY what our tax money can and cannot be used to support!  Wonder where our federal government would be if we managed to get laws passed that would limit the use of tax funds according to what each “family budget” wanted them to be used for by congress!!!

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Chris Matthews Lies Again Saying Kennedys Passed Torch to Obama!

Chris Matthews  outright lied on his show today!  He said: “Now that the Kennedys have passed the torch to Obama”!  The Kennedys HAVE NOT passed the torch to Obama!  There are several Kennedys supporting Hillary and he damned well knows it; but, AS USUAL, he is doing everything he can to misrepresent the facts of the democratic primaries in hopes of getting Hillary defeated!

I hope Media Matters headlines the lie Chris Mathews told today!  MSNBC needs to fire him and replace him with someone who can talk truth to the people instead of trying to influence an election by telling lies and making misstatements!

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Chris Matthews Star Struck for Obama!

Today, Chris Matthews asked three pundits on his show “Gentlemen, how did you FEEL today watching Ted Kennedy’s speech!”  What crap!  We don’t want to know how they FELT about Kennedy’s speech.  Matthews needs to get the stars out of his eyes and cover the primaries with at least a little professionalism!

Matthews should STOP SAYING THE KENNEDYS ARE SUPPORTING OBAMA!  Only two or three Kennedys support Obama.  Many more of the Kennedys are supporting Hillary.  I know telling the truth does not come easy to Matthews but he can at least try to tell the truth and stop distorting the facts! Enough is enough!

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Chris Matthews Using Surrogates to Attack Hillary!

Chris Matthews may have cut back on his anti-Hillary rants but he is now having others on his show saying the things he can’t say himself!  How cowardly of him!  He had a guest from Ad Magazine actually call Hillary a "liar" and Matthews basically said nothing!  Then, later when two or three guests made anti-Hillary statements, Matthews actually laughed and said something like it’s kinda fun to have others say things he can’t say!!!

So, MSNBC should make it clear to Matthews that his anti-women comments will not be tolerated and neither should he allow guests to make such comments without his telling them that it will not be allowed!

His hiding behind his guests to say inappropriate things is shameful!

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Obama’s “Bozo” Moments

Obama was so nervous and/or into himself and what he was going to say  when he came on stage at the South Carolina debate that he forgot to shake hands with Blitzer!  It was a very awkward moment and Blitzer actually had to go over to Obama to shake his hand!  I think it was a very telling moment as to whether Obama is ready to take on the most demanding, stressful job in the world. 

A.B. Stoddard, editor of The Hill, once said on Tucker Carlson’s show that Obama sometimes has what she calls “Bozo moments” and I think his entrance on to the stage in the South Carolina debate was one of them.

We’ve had a “Bozo” in the office for seven years; we don’t need another one!

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Obama Doesn’t Know Who He’s Running Against!

If Obama doesn’t know who he’s running against, he should get out of the race!  MSNBC-TV has talked continuously  about Obama’s comment about running against both the Clintons.  I don’t remember Hillary asking who she was running against when Elizabeth Edwards and/or Michelle Obama made negative comments re her!  AND, I know MSNBC-TV did not ask if Hillary was running against Obama and Michelle or Edwards and Elizabeth!

I see this whole discussion as a gender bias discussion.  If Hillary were a man, Obama would not be asking whether he was running against his opponent or his wife!!

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Letter to MSNBC Re Tim Russert 1/12/08

The following letter was sent to MSNBC on 1/12/08 Re Tim Russert’s BIASED coverage of Democratic Primary:

Well, MSNBC-TV did it again; they gave almost an entire broadcast (Tim Russert 1/12/08 noon til 1:00 pm EST) to praising Obama!  He doesn’t need to purchase advertising; MSNBC is giving him all the free support he needs!  It’s unbelievable that Russert had three guests and ALL THREE had stars in their eyes every time Obama was mentioned!  It’s sickening how the pundits are falling all over themselves for Obama; their lap-dog coverage is not being bought by the public as was shown in the NH primaries.

Also, their discussion of people wanting a change when they voted for Reagan and not really caring about the specifics and comparing that to Obama may have been appropriate!  Look what we got with Reagan!  Trickle down economics that never trickled down!  Hope people realize that the specifics do matter with a candidate!  Reagan was a miserable failure as a president and we don’t need another one like him!

I think an open, frank discussion of the possibility of Obama getting any kind of major support on Super Tuesday would be appropriate!  MSNBC-TV does not want to give a frank discussion of Obama’s chances because that would take away from their pumping up the ratings with a false race!  Stop trying to make a race where none exists!  Tell the public the truth; after Super Tuesday, Obama is out of the race!!!

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Letter to Chris Matthews 11/6/07 Re Hillary Bias

The following letter was sent to Chris Matthews on November 6, 2007:

You’re program began today with David Shuster saying at the end of his piece, Clinton’s “inconsistencies in style”, referring to her being  a long-time Yankee fan as though she was being “inconsistent”!!!  You KNOW she has been a long-time Yankee fan and there IS NO INCONSISTENCY!!!  Yet, you aired the piece anyway.

I don’t think you’ve done one program during the last few months without making a negative statement about Hillary Clinton!  You asked Sally Smith “How Many Years did you spend figuring out these people, you know soooooo much about these people having spent . . . how many years have you spent trying to figure out the Clintons?”  When Smith replied “three years”, you began stuttering all over yourself trying to make it sound like three years was a long time!  Hah!

Today’s show contained one negative statement after another:

What doe she mean when she makes fun of Rudy (Yankees fan)?  Does she think up this MILARKY?!!!  She looks like a FRAUD!!

Re Clinton’s Library:  WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?!!!!

What’s with her clapping!  You went on and on in a negative tone re Hillary Clinton clapping her hands!  What a trivial thing to say or to talk about!

Re Hillary and Bill together you said “Is this show business, this THING we’re watching!

You actually asked Smith “Do they live together”!!!!  Smith said they haven’t really lived together since Hillary began running for the Senate!  You did not even follow up on that or make her give any statement to back up what she said!!!

You regularly intimate that Bill is going to be a problem!  Today you said “Is he going to be a problem next year” and “is he going to create an embarrassment”!  When Smith tried to answer, you CUT her off and said “you know why I KNOW THAT IS TRUE”!!  You went on to offer proof by saying you had talked with a couple of flaks that worked for her!!!!  You then go on with glee to mention Jones, Flowers, and Lewinsky!  HOW MUCH MORE RIDICULOUS OR BIASED CAN YOU GET!!!!!

You said “if she’s the nominee starting January 29 after Florida and the Democrats are STUCK with her as their nominee!!!! Believe me, when she’s the nominee, we won’t consider ourselves STUCK with her!  But this comment more than any other clarifies your position!

You accused Hillary of exploiting Bill’s guilty feelings for power!  Then you said “I HEARD” from David Gergen that she got power over the healthcare issue by exploiting the Paula Jones issue!!!!  Then you called her a BLACKMAILER!!!!  You now have stooped to spreading rumors!

When Smith said she would NOT say who she would vote for, you pushed her to say that she had left something out of the book re Hillary that we all should know that would make us not vote for her!!!  Kudos to Smith for not falling into the trap or just making something up just to please you!!!

Bill Clinton never most disciplined person.  Is he disciplined enough to be a co-pilot of nation!  These statements were just full of false innuendos!

You asked Smith “are you confident that there will be a stable relationship”!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!

You said “Most sit cons run for 4 years, this ran for 8.  Does anybody really want this sit com to continue?  We do not want the sit com for another 8 years”!!   NO DOUBT WHERE YOU STAND!

You called Hillary a fraud again “public fraudulence in this baseball stuff” when you know there is proof of her being a long-time Yankee fan!

You said her voice rose when she was attacking Rudy over the Sox fan stuff and then said it was the worst of both—fingers on blackboard and a stupid topic!  You’re voice ain’t the greatest either at times!!!

You referred to the Clinton documents fight!  Then you referred to “this effort to KEEP FROM US this relationship that was on paper”!!  Do you think you could have described this LACK of info in a more headline grabbing way!!!!

Of course you have a right to your position and you can keep on flogging Hillary Clinton on your show as you did her husband before her.  But, if she’s not elected for some reason and we get another dufus in the White House, you need to be ready to take responsibility for your actions!!!

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Matthews & Tucker Must Take Responsibility for Their Biased Statements


If Matthews and Carlson continue their biased criticisms of the Democrats and continue to let the Republicans off easy (like it’s the democrats who have not ended the war, not the Republicans who won’t join their vote or the Republican president who vetoes their bills!), we will get another doofus in the White House who will continue to destroy all that we hold dear.  When that happens, they had better be at the front of the line with the rest of the media and take responsibility for who is in the White House because it is shows like theirs that constantly air biased, incorrect statements that influence voters to vote for a doofus!!!

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