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Hillary’s Iraq Vote Was Cast As Senator from New York—the state hit on 9/11!

At the time of Hillary’s Iraq vote, she was the Senator from New York, NOT the President of the United States.  The people of New York supported her vote.  Since their state had suffered an attack, they wanted no stones left unturned re Saddam’s capabilities or intentions!  Her speech on the day of her vote, which the media conveniently ignores, made it clear that her vote was not to go to war and warned she would be against any preemptive attack on Iraq!  Had Obama been in the Senate for that vote and had he represented the people from the state of New York, I seriously doubt he would have voted against giving the President the power he needed to make sure that Saddam did not have WMDs!  Giving Bush the “stick” was not the same as telling him to use it!!!

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Donate to Hillary! Prove Media Wrong! Hillary’s Supporters Have NOT Maxed Out!

I have been watching the results of Super Tuesday and heard that Hillary’s campaign is in financial trouble.  The media (and Obama’s campaign) keep saying that Obama has all these small donations coming from millions of people and that Hillary’s supporters are all maxed out!  And, I thought, well I haven’t contributed anything yet; so, I know of one woman who supports Hillary who has not maxed out, and I bet there are millions of other women (and men) like me.  So, yesterday, I went online at  and made a small contribution to Hillary’s campaign.  I’m hoping that millions of more women (and men) like me will do the same.


If you go to the web site you will see that a person can contribute as low as $10.  I’m hoping that millions of women (and men) like me will decide to put their money where their hearts are and donate to Hillary’s campaign as soon as possible. Obama thinks Hillary’s supporters have all maxed out.  Well, I’ve got news for him!  I think there are millions of women (and men) like me who support Hillary and want a woman in the White House who have not yet contributed to her campaign. 


Let’s show Obama and the media that they don’t know who they are dealing with when they say that Hillary’s supporters have all maxed out.  Let’s show them that they have awakened a giant, that there are millions of women (and men) out here who have yet to donate to Hillary.  Let’s show them that women (and men) who support Hillary may not have much; but we can match the millions of small donations being made to the Obama campaign! 


You may not have $25 or $50 to contribute to Hillary’s campaign but maybe you have $10 to contribute to help guarantee that the glass ceiling of the Presidency of the United States for women is finally broken! I’m hoping you will do as I have done and go to and make a donation to Hillary’s campaign that will make a statement to everyone that Hillary’s support is deep and that we will do whatever we can to help her get elected!


If you are unable to make a small donation, you can still help to get Hillary elected by sending this e-mail to every woman (and man) you know who is supporting Hillary’s campaign for the Presidency.  If we truly want that glass ceiling of the Presidency of the United States for women to be broken, we need to make our voices heard now before it’s too late.  The male-dominated media is giving Obama tons of free press; let’s give Hillary the funds she needs to fight back!

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