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Media Gets an “F” in Math! Superdelegates Can Change Their Minds!

The Media should get an “F” in math since most of them have just parroted the ridiculous math of Chuck Todd (MSNBC) re the Democratic Party’s nomination process.  The analysts, pundits, and print media are assuming that all Superdelegates who have cast their votes for Obama are permanent.  As they SHOULD KNOW, a couple of Superdelegates have already changed their minds; they were originally forClintonand switched to Obama.  When that happened, everyone said ok, since they are allowed to change their votes.  Considering Hillary stomped Obama inWest VirginiaandKentuckyand considering Obama’s definite weakness as a candidate against McCain, the Superdelegates could very well cast their votes for Hillary before the nomination is complete.

The Superdelegates CAN CHANGE THEIR MINDS at any time until they actually cast their votes on the convention floor; and they are not supposed to be rubber stamps for the pledged delegates vote.   NEITHER Obama nor Hillary will have the “magic number” needed to win the nomination outright which is a majority of ALL the delegates, pledged and Superdelegates, a number that will be somewhere between 2026 and 2210.

The Superdelegates will SELECT the nominee based on their arguments in this incredibly close race.  Obama’s “majority of the pledged delegates” is a good argument; but, it is a number that is not even mentioned in the rules so it is just an argument, nothing more and nothing less.  Hillary’s “majority of the popular vote” is a good argument and it is not in the rules either.  The Superdelegates are supposed to consider all of the arguments and the electability of each candidate when they cast their final vote.  Hopefully, they will take their responsibility seriously and nominate the most electable candidate for the fall election.  After all, the goal of the process of SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee is to ELECT a Democratic Party President.  The Superdelegates know that it will be of no value to SELECT a nominee IF that nominee can not get elected!

Lap-Dog Media Eats Up Hillary Comments Re June Primaries

John Harris (Media Hype:  How Small Stories Become Big News,, 5/25/08) is correct when he says this kind of "reporting" can have serious effects referring to the media’s misrepresentation of Hillary’s comments about June primaries.  In 2008 the lap-dog media has had a severe and dangerous effect on the outcome of the Democratic Primary with its reckless, false, undocumented, and supposed journalistic pieces! 


The misrepresentation of Hillary’s comments re June primaries by the media, especially MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Olbermann, is typical of the media’s treatment of her campaign.  The media has attacked her constantly while propping up Obama in every gaffe he has made. It is clear that the media wants an African-American President and they will do anything to slam Hillary until she gets out of the race!


The best example of irresponsible reporting this season has been Chuck Todd’s (MSNBC) Voodoo Math that has misled the public for months and continues to mislead the public by saying that there is NO WAY for Hillary to win.  Of course, Todd was referring to the actual pledged delegate tally that Hillary would not be able to catch Obama and pass him in the count.  But, he and all the analysts and pundits and news print began to say that Hillary CAN NOT win the nomination–JUST DO THE MATH! 


The problem with the false statement that Hillary can not win, just do the math, is that Hillary has had and does have as much a chance to win the nomination as Obama according to Democratic Party rules.  The race is incredibly close and getting the majority of pledged delegates is a "good argument" but it is a meaningless number as far as the Party rules are concerned.  Getting the majority of the popular vote, which Hillary will do, is also a "good argument" and of equal weight with the majority of pledged delegates.  BOTH the popular vote majority and the pledged delegates majority are arguments to be made to the Superdelegates who will decide the nomination in this incredibly close race. 


The only real "magic number" that a candidate could get that would give them the nomination outright according to Party rules is a majority of ALL delegates (pledged delegates and Superdelegates), a number that NEITHER Obama nor Hillary will have at the end of the primaries AND THAT IS THE TRUE MATH that the public needs to know. The "magic number" will be somewhere between 2026 and 2210.  So, when Todd and all the analysts and pundits and print media continuously parrot each other by saying that Hillary can not win, just do the math, they are lying to the public and either intentionally or unintentionally dealing Hillary’s campaign a severe blow!  Such media stupidity or outright bias is an outrage; the public deserves fair, unbiased, and responsible reporting, especially when their reports directly affect the Presidency of the United States!

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Obama Setting Up “Top Secret” VP Search–Using Bush Tactic Trying To Usurp the Nomination by Acting Like He Already Has It!

Hillary should cut Obama off at the knees on his attempt to usurp the nomination by setting up a Hillary VP search committee.  Setting up the VP search committee would accomplish two objectives:

  • Expose Obama’s moves as presumptive and absurd and
  • Establish once and for all that she is in it to win it!

Today (5/22/08) on Morning Joe, MSNBC, Meeka read a “breaking news” report that she had just received that said that Obama has set up a “top secret” search for his VP!  The American public should not be deceived by this Bush tactic to usurp the nomination. Bush usurped the Presidency in 2000 when he started ACTING like he was the President from the beginning, even though the decision was not final, by taking steps to set up HIS CABINET!  Now, Obama is acting like he is already the nominee by campaigning in general election states and by setting up this absurd “top secret” search for a VP! 


Of course, the media is doing the same thing for Obama as it did for Bush in 2000; they are covering Obama’s moves as though there is nothing ridiculous or absurd about his searching for a VP BEFORE he has the nomination.  The media did the same thing in 2000; they covered Bush setting up his cabinet as though he had a perfect right to do so giving the impression to the rest of the country that it was ok for Bush to do this because he was going to be the President! 


At least 17 million people think Obama’s VP search is premature and ludicrous and he NEEDS the support of a good percentage of those people IF he wants the Presidency and not just the nomination.  Apparently Obama is falling prey to the belief of those around him that he is the messiah and all he has to do is say something to make it so.  He DOES NOT HAVE the nomination and acting like he does will not make it so!

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Mike Barnacle and Bob Shrum Are “Good ‘Ole Boy” IDIOTS!

Bob Shrum (supposed Democratic Strategist) and Mike Barnacle (supposed unbiased journalist) on Morning Joe, 5/19/08, looked like “good old boy” idiots laughing and making fun of Hillary’s campaign.  They are just two Obama tankers trying to laugh off Obama’s weaknesses and clinging to the pie-in-the sky hope that Obama is going to CHANGE the electoral college math!  Yeah, right! 


IF the Superdelegates ignore the fact that Obama is a flawed candidate and vote for him because of threats that there will be riots and chaos at the convention, Democrats will lose the general election!  When that happens, I want to see Shrum and Barnacle on Morning Joe the day after McCain is elected apologizing to the American public for their idiotic actions and statements!

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Timmy Boy Russert Just a Chauvinistic “Good ‘Ole Boy”

Timmy Boy Russert on Morning Joe, 5/19/08, could not come up with ONE WOMAN’s name as a possible Vice President for his beloved Obama!  Russert’s old, chauvinistic politics need to be put to rest!

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Bob Shrum, Democratic Strategist LOSER, is Obama Tanker and Living in an Ivory Tower, Elitist World!

Bob Shrum, a democratic strategist who has done nothing but LOSE, is living in an ivory tower, elitist democrat world; and, he absolutely refuses to acknowledge Obama’s weak underbelly that is going to result in a landslide loss for Democrats in the fall!


In addition, Shrum refuses to face the FACT that a huge percentage of women have been offended in this race and WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA!  We may actually campaign and vote for McCain!  Shrum just poo poos this sentiment as being “in the heat of the battle” mentality.  I can guarantee you that a huge percentage of women are serious about not voting for Obama and Shrum and his kind (Obama tankers) better take that fact into consideration when they coronate Obama!


Women may not riot or cause chaos at the convention as Obama supporters have threatened in order to get the votes of the Superdelegates; but, we will make sure that Obama, a two-year Senator, does not become President of the United States!  So, take that, Shrummie Boy!

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John Kerry Drew Over 50,000 at Oregon Rally! What Did It Say For Him? LOSER!

The media is so easily impressed with crowds; they are frothing at the mouth today (5/20/08) re Obama’s huge crowd in Oregon.  The Rolling Stones can draw a huge crowd but I wouldn’t want any of them to be President of the United States.

John Kerry drew over 50,000 at a similar rally in Oregon.  If that huge number says the same thing for Obama as it said for Kerry, it says LOSER!

And, Obama tankers, do not underestimate the strength of Hillary’s support just because we don’t come out to be in huge crowds!  We will not riot or cause chaos at the convention as has been threatened by Obama supporters; but, WE WILL make sure that this two-year senator loses the general election!

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Chuck Todd’s VOODOO MATH Has Underlying FALSE Assumptions!

Chuck Todd’s Voodoo Delegate Math (MSNBC) has been used by the majority of the analysts and pundits to lie to the American public.  And, I suspect that majority of the analysts and pundits who repeat Todd’s incorrect delegate math could not solve a mathematical equation if their lives depended upon it!


Chuck Todd’s Voodoo math has the following underlying FALSE assumptions that render is answer FALSE!


·        Todd uses an incorrect TOTAL delegate count that a candidate must have in order to win the nomination outright!  Todd has been using 2026 as the magic number!




Anyone with any knowledge of the Democratic Party’s system for SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee has known all along that the magic number would NOT be 2026 because there is NO WAY that the Michigan and Florida delegates would not be seated in some manner! So, the magic number will be somewhere in between 2026 and 2210 but IT WILL NOT BE 2026! 


And, contrary to some pundits laughing at this so-called “changing the goal posts,” nothing has been changed.  The math for calculating the magic number is clearly stated in the Democratic Party’s nomination process.  The problem has been with people like Chuck Todd determining what the magic number was before it could actually be determined and then misleading the public!


·        It has been clear for months that NEITHER candidate would win the nomination outright by getting the magic number, whatever it is!  The Superdelegates will decide the nominee.  Todd has assumed from the beginning that Superdelegates would cast their votes for Obama!


FALSE ASSUMPTION:  Superdelegates will cast their votes for Obama!


Todd and the parroting analysts and pundits have repeated Obama talking points by saying that the Superdelegates will not TAKE the nomination away from Obama!  The problem with that assumption is that OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE THE NOMINATION so no one can TAKE it away!  By repeating this Obama talking point, the media has added to the fear that the Superdelegates have that if they vote for the most electable candidate and it is not Obama, there will be chaos and riots at the convention!


Todd has consistently stated that Clinton could NOT win, never mentioning the fact that NEITHER could Obama!  Todd’s Voodoo Delegate Math includes a number of Superdelegates voting for Obama; he’s including a number based on FALSE ASSUMPTIONS not based on facts. 


A math problem should be based on FACTS if you want the answer to mean anything! Todd has a habit of including a number in an equation based on HIS ASSUMPTIONS and then FAILS to insure that the analysts and pundits are not only aware of those assumptions but repeat them every time they use his Voodoo Delegate Math!

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“Majority of Pledged Delegates” & “Mission Accomplished” Both LIES to the Public!

Obama is pulling the wool over the majority of the media’s eyes; and, through the media, he is attempting to lie to the public again when he says he has the “majority of the pledged delegates” and acts as though it means something! 


The “majority of pledged delegates” is a faux number that signifies NOTHING! IT IS NOT THE MAGIC NUMBER of 2026 or 2210 that is required by the Democratic Party’s process in order for a candidate to win the nomination outright.  The number 2026 or 2210 (or some number in between according to how MI and FL are seated at the convention) IS THE MAGIC NUMBER; and, it is written into the rules of the Party’s process for SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee. But, the “majority of pledged delegates” IS NOT written into the rules of the process and has NO SIGNIFICANCE WHATSOEVER!


MSNBC and other media can call Obama the “Magic” Man and yuck up this false victory for him; but, Obama and the media are misleading the public when they do!  Obama’s “majority of pledged delegates” victory is equal to George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished”, neither of which have any basis in truth; but the media is covering it as though it is a major victory just as they did when George Bush declared his so-called victory!  Yeah, that’s the kind of “change” in leadership that I want, one deceitful act after another!


And, for all of those who will write in and say that Hillary has pushed other numbers that are meaningless such as the popular vote I will tell you the difference now.  Hillary openly delivers those numbers as her “argument” to the Superdelegates!  She does NOT tell the public that those numbers give her a victory or make her the nominee by the rules which is what Obama is telling the public with his “majority of delegates” number!  Obama can rightfully use that number as an “argument” to the Superdelegates; but, he is using a number that is NOT in the rules as a way to declare victory to the public and to get the media to cover it as such. 


The Superdelegates must decide which candidate is the most electable; and, if they decide that it is in fact Hillary, Obama and his supporters will have the public believing that the nomination has been taken away from him when, in fact, OBAMA NEVER HAD the nomination in the first place!  Obama hopes that the FEAR of riots and chaos at the convention will sway the Superdelegtaes to give him a nomination that he does not deserve!  He wants to become the Affirmative Action President!

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Matthews Pompous Ass Re Appeasement and Chamberlain

Chris Matthews is a pompous ass!  I stopped watching Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann due to their rabid support of Obama and nasty attacks on Hillary Clinton.  I now watch Morning Joe due to Joe Scarborough’s balanced approach to the Presidential race; but, twice this week I have had to listen to Matthews absurd and ridiculous support for an Affirmative Action President!  I’m sick of his crazy rants and think someone needs to make sure he gets a long rest from the air waves.  Chris Matthews is obviously out of control!


I did watch the clip of Matthews attacking his guest erroneously (5/15/08).  The guest he attacked was not the one who brought up Chamberlain; but, Matthews, seizing what he thought was a topic he could use to skewer a guest who disagreed with him, struck out ferociously and stupidly.  His guest was supporting Bush’s point that the President of the United States should not sit down and talk directly with the likes of Ahmadinejad.  The guest that Matthews attacked was not the one who mentioned Chamberlain; but Matthews, with his supposed expertise in history, started hammering his guest to say exactly what Chamberlain did in 1938 or 1939. 


Matthews’ point was absurd and did not pertain to the point his guest was making.  And, of course, when the guest could not specifically say what Chamberlain had done, Matthews swelled up with disgusting satisfaction and cut his guest off and then made a disparaging statement at a time his guest could not reply!  Matthews is basically a coward who will not bring on guests who truly disagree with him; and when he accidentally gets a guest who will go tit for tat with him, he makes a fool of himself by trying to nag the person on a minute point about history that has nothing to do with the actual topic!


Matthews also made the ludicrous point that “appeasement” is giving in to something “under the gun” and that talking with Ahmadinejad would not be appeasement!  Matthews said “where’s the gun”?  Apparently Matthews does not think of the nuclear bomb as being the biggest gun on earth today; what an idiot!

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