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Democratic Party’s Nomination Process IS NOT A MESS! Media’s Coverage is FRADULENT!

The Presidential nomination is not a mess.  What is a mess is the media’s total misunderstanding of the Democratic Party’s nominating process.  The media (pundits, analysts, anchors) have not taken the time to educate themselves about the process and have misinformed the public OR they do understand the process and are intentionally misleading the public due to their bias for Obama.


The Democratic Party’s process for nominating a candidate INCLUDES Super Delegates; the process has been there for all to see and learn about long before this nominating season began.  Super Delegates ARE NOT fat cats in a smoke-filled room nor are they Party bosses or Party elites as they have been portrayed by most of the media.  Super Delegates include Senators, Representatives, Governors but they are also Party officials and workers, people who stuff the envelopes and go door to door to get support for the Party.  Super Delegates are people who have more experience than the average voter in elections and what it takes to get someone elected.  For that reason, the people in the Democratic Party have decided to have the Super Delegates help choose the nominee when no one can overwhelmingly win the nomination through the primaries and caucuses.


If the media were to tell the public the truth about Super Delegates, all of those NEW, excited Democratic voters would know:


  • their votes alone do NOT determine the nominee,
  • the winner of the primaries and caucuses is not automatically the nominee,
  • the SELECTION process (NOT ELECTION process) is NOT a one-person, one-vote process; people can vote in a primary AND a caucus,
  • a candidate can only get the nomination through the primaries and caucuses by winning overwhelmingly by getting 2025 delegates; and,
  • if no candidate gets the magic number of delegates, the Super Delegates will determine the nominee by taking into account a variety of factors that influence the ability of a candidate to get elected.


Super Delegates were established to help determine the candidate who is the MOST ELECTABLE and can best represent the Democratic Party in the general election.  The Democratic Party’s nomination process, NOT election process, includes:


  • Primaries held to get input from the people, not to determine the nominee.
  • Caucuses held to get input from groups of people, not to determine the nominee.
  • Super Delegates who cast their votes when there is no candidate who can overwhelmingly win the nomination thru primaries and caucuses.


Primaries and caucuses are held over a period of several months and the people’s will can change from one period in time to another based on what has happened in a candidate’s campaign.  The Super Delegates are supposed to take into consideration the primary and caucus results; the Super Delegates were not designed to be, nor should they be, rubber stamps for those results!  They are designed to make sure that the Democratic Party has the most electable candidate for the general election.  How stupid would it be for the Super Delegates to vote for a nominee in June or August that they knew could not win the election just because the candidate won some primaries back in January or February! The media and Obama’s campaign need to let the Democratic Party’s nomination process take place so that we can have the strongest candidate, whoever that may be, to face the Republicans in the general election!


Some sates allow a person to vote in a primary and vote in a caucus; so, obviously, the primaries are not a one-person, one-vote election.  The primaries and caucuses are used to help select a nominee not elect a nominee.  The “overturn the will of the people” idea is a talking point being used by the Obama campaign and reinforced by the uninformed, uneducated media; it is an idea that the Obama campaign has been using successfully to try to force the Super Delegates to vote for him or face the wrath of the “will of the people”. 


The Obama campaign started the destruction of the Super Delegates process because they knew the race was close and knew that Super Delegates would be a source of strength for Hillary.  The pundits, analysts, and anchors initially admitted that they did not know who Super Delegates were or what their role was; so, the media used the Obama campaign’s definition of the Super Delegates as party bosses or elites who had the potential of overturning the will of the people!  Unfortunately, most of the media continue to use this absolutely incorrect definition of Super Delegates and are continuing to inflame the public with this nonsense.   Deliberately misrepresenting the role of the Super Delegates to the public and to all of those NEW voters is a dangerous tactic that the media needs to stop before it’s too late.  The media needs to correctly define the Super Delegates’ role in the Democratic Party instead of spouting the Obama campaign’s talking points that they can “overturn the will of the people”. 


Super Delegates DO NOT “overturn the will of the people” as the Obama campaign and the media are constantly telling the American people.  The Obama campaign is trying to force the Super Delegates to vote for Obama.  They are telling the public that if the Super Delegates do not vote for him they will be “overturning the will of the people” and the people will riot at the Democratic National Convention!  It is one thing for the Obama campaign to misinform the public about Super Delegates; but the media is responsible for giving the public the facts without bias.  If the media correctly informs the public about the Super Delegates, the process will work and their will be no mess, no chaos!



The media needs to correctly inform the public and all those NEW voters about the Democratic Party’s process.  It’s one thing for Obama’s campaign to threaten the Super Delegates with chaos at the Democratic National Convention; it is another thing for the media to refuse to correctly inform the public about the process.  If the media educated themselves about the process and then presented it to the public correctly, there would be no problem and no so-called mess!


The ignorance of the media about the Super Delegates OR the media’s deliberate misrepresentation of the role of the Super Delegates has the potential of causing chaos at the Democratic National Convention.  Should that chaos occur, it will not be due to the Democratic Party’s nomination process; the chaos will be due to the media’s ignorance or to their deliberate misrepresentation of the process to the public. 

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