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Matthews Pompous Ass Re Appeasement and Chamberlain

Chris Matthews is a pompous ass!  I stopped watching Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann due to their rabid support of Obama and nasty attacks on Hillary Clinton.  I now watch Morning Joe due to Joe Scarborough’s balanced approach to the Presidential race; but, twice this week I have had to listen to Matthews absurd and ridiculous support for an Affirmative Action President!  I’m sick of his crazy rants and think someone needs to make sure he gets a long rest from the air waves.  Chris Matthews is obviously out of control!


I did watch the clip of Matthews attacking his guest erroneously (5/15/08).  The guest he attacked was not the one who brought up Chamberlain; but, Matthews, seizing what he thought was a topic he could use to skewer a guest who disagreed with him, struck out ferociously and stupidly.  His guest was supporting Bush’s point that the President of the United States should not sit down and talk directly with the likes of Ahmadinejad.  The guest that Matthews attacked was not the one who mentioned Chamberlain; but Matthews, with his supposed expertise in history, started hammering his guest to say exactly what Chamberlain did in 1938 or 1939. 


Matthews’ point was absurd and did not pertain to the point his guest was making.  And, of course, when the guest could not specifically say what Chamberlain had done, Matthews swelled up with disgusting satisfaction and cut his guest off and then made a disparaging statement at a time his guest could not reply!  Matthews is basically a coward who will not bring on guests who truly disagree with him; and when he accidentally gets a guest who will go tit for tat with him, he makes a fool of himself by trying to nag the person on a minute point about history that has nothing to do with the actual topic!


Matthews also made the ludicrous point that “appeasement” is giving in to something “under the gun” and that talking with Ahmadinejad would not be appeasement!  Matthews said “where’s the gun”?  Apparently Matthews does not think of the nuclear bomb as being the biggest gun on earth today; what an idiot!

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