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Obama’s Weak Underbelly Exposed With Bush’s Hitler Remarks

Bush’s comments re Hitler yesterday (5/15/08) could very well have been in reference to Jimmy Carter as Mike Barnacle (MSNBC, Morning Joe 5/16/08) first thought.  The problem is that the Obama campaign seized upon the topic because they think it is a good one for them; they think talking about it ELEVATES Obama to the Presidential level!  How absurd!  They are being naïve in not recognizing that this hits right at Obama’s soft underbelly on defense!  Obama made a stupid comment in one of the debates when he said he would talk DIRECTLY with the likes of Ahmadinejad WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS and now he’s stuck with that stand.  His advisors tried to ameliorate his stand by saying that, of course, there would be in-depth planning prior to Obama’s meeting with anyone but that does not get him out of the hot water!


IF Obama had been smart he would have kept his mouth shut and led the press to believe that Bush was referring to Carter and hoped the press dropped the topic.  Instead Obama started whining to the press; and, the media, as usual, came running to his defense declaring that OF COURSE Bush was referring to Obama!  Who else could Bush have been talking about?  And, NOW, the Republicans are all over the airwaves talking about Obama’s Doctrine of Appeasement!  Great!  Way to go Obama!  How ridiculous for Obama and his campaign to think that one of his major weaknesses could be dealt with by whining about a reference that the President did NOT make directly about him!


Once before Obama’s campaign tried to take a weakness and make it about something else and the press went along, but the rest of the country did not.  When Rev. Wright first appeared on the scene, Obama tried to make everyone believe the problem was race relations.  He gave a big speech on race relations and the press fell at his feet and swooned.  But, the rest of the country knew that the real problem that Obama had with Rev. Wright dealt with his patriotism; and Obama’s race speech did NOTHING to deal with that problem.  Obama’s patriotism problem is one he cannot correct due to his sitting in Wright’s pews for 20 years.  He should have left Wright’s church at least four or five years BEFORE running for President; there is no way to justify his actions in staying in the church and it makes him a flawed candidate! The press can talk about it being a race problem until they are blue in the face and it’s not going to change the minds of the majority of people who see it for what it really is–a patriotism problem!


Now, Obama’s campaign has seized upon Bush’s comments trying to benefit from an outraged media whining about how unfair the attack was on Obama!  They think that the topic ELEVATES Obama to the Presidential level!  But, due to Obama’s stupid answer in the debate that he would talk directly with the likes of Ahmadinejad WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS, Obama is in quick sand!  Intentionally getting into this particular national security debate with John McCain is EXACTLY what the Republicans wanted.  The topic is a perfect example of Obama’s inexperience and his weak underbelly and should be seen as a forewarning to Democrats that the Republican attack machine will be able to play Obama like a finely tuned violin.  The Clintons are the only ones who have beaten the Republican attack machine in Presidential politics; and, if we want the Presidency back, we need to nominate Hillary Clinton!

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