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“Majority of Pledged Delegates” & “Mission Accomplished” Both LIES to the Public!

Obama is pulling the wool over the majority of the media’s eyes; and, through the media, he is attempting to lie to the public again when he says he has the “majority of the pledged delegates” and acts as though it means something! 


The “majority of pledged delegates” is a faux number that signifies NOTHING! IT IS NOT THE MAGIC NUMBER of 2026 or 2210 that is required by the Democratic Party’s process in order for a candidate to win the nomination outright.  The number 2026 or 2210 (or some number in between according to how MI and FL are seated at the convention) IS THE MAGIC NUMBER; and, it is written into the rules of the Party’s process for SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee. But, the “majority of pledged delegates” IS NOT written into the rules of the process and has NO SIGNIFICANCE WHATSOEVER!


MSNBC and other media can call Obama the “Magic” Man and yuck up this false victory for him; but, Obama and the media are misleading the public when they do!  Obama’s “majority of pledged delegates” victory is equal to George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished”, neither of which have any basis in truth; but the media is covering it as though it is a major victory just as they did when George Bush declared his so-called victory!  Yeah, that’s the kind of “change” in leadership that I want, one deceitful act after another!


And, for all of those who will write in and say that Hillary has pushed other numbers that are meaningless such as the popular vote I will tell you the difference now.  Hillary openly delivers those numbers as her “argument” to the Superdelegates!  She does NOT tell the public that those numbers give her a victory or make her the nominee by the rules which is what Obama is telling the public with his “majority of delegates” number!  Obama can rightfully use that number as an “argument” to the Superdelegates; but, he is using a number that is NOT in the rules as a way to declare victory to the public and to get the media to cover it as such. 


The Superdelegates must decide which candidate is the most electable; and, if they decide that it is in fact Hillary, Obama and his supporters will have the public believing that the nomination has been taken away from him when, in fact, OBAMA NEVER HAD the nomination in the first place!  Obama hopes that the FEAR of riots and chaos at the convention will sway the Superdelegtaes to give him a nomination that he does not deserve!  He wants to become the Affirmative Action President!

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