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Chuck Todd’s VOODOO MATH Has Underlying FALSE Assumptions!

Chuck Todd’s Voodoo Delegate Math (MSNBC) has been used by the majority of the analysts and pundits to lie to the American public.  And, I suspect that majority of the analysts and pundits who repeat Todd’s incorrect delegate math could not solve a mathematical equation if their lives depended upon it!


Chuck Todd’s Voodoo math has the following underlying FALSE assumptions that render is answer FALSE!


·        Todd uses an incorrect TOTAL delegate count that a candidate must have in order to win the nomination outright!  Todd has been using 2026 as the magic number!




Anyone with any knowledge of the Democratic Party’s system for SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee has known all along that the magic number would NOT be 2026 because there is NO WAY that the Michigan and Florida delegates would not be seated in some manner! So, the magic number will be somewhere in between 2026 and 2210 but IT WILL NOT BE 2026! 


And, contrary to some pundits laughing at this so-called “changing the goal posts,” nothing has been changed.  The math for calculating the magic number is clearly stated in the Democratic Party’s nomination process.  The problem has been with people like Chuck Todd determining what the magic number was before it could actually be determined and then misleading the public!


·        It has been clear for months that NEITHER candidate would win the nomination outright by getting the magic number, whatever it is!  The Superdelegates will decide the nominee.  Todd has assumed from the beginning that Superdelegates would cast their votes for Obama!


FALSE ASSUMPTION:  Superdelegates will cast their votes for Obama!


Todd and the parroting analysts and pundits have repeated Obama talking points by saying that the Superdelegates will not TAKE the nomination away from Obama!  The problem with that assumption is that OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE THE NOMINATION so no one can TAKE it away!  By repeating this Obama talking point, the media has added to the fear that the Superdelegates have that if they vote for the most electable candidate and it is not Obama, there will be chaos and riots at the convention!


Todd has consistently stated that Clinton could NOT win, never mentioning the fact that NEITHER could Obama!  Todd’s Voodoo Delegate Math includes a number of Superdelegates voting for Obama; he’s including a number based on FALSE ASSUMPTIONS not based on facts. 


A math problem should be based on FACTS if you want the answer to mean anything! Todd has a habit of including a number in an equation based on HIS ASSUMPTIONS and then FAILS to insure that the analysts and pundits are not only aware of those assumptions but repeat them every time they use his Voodoo Delegate Math!

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