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Obama Setting Up “Top Secret” VP Search–Using Bush Tactic Trying To Usurp the Nomination by Acting Like He Already Has It!

Hillary should cut Obama off at the knees on his attempt to usurp the nomination by setting up a Hillary VP search committee.  Setting up the VP search committee would accomplish two objectives:

  • Expose Obama’s moves as presumptive and absurd and
  • Establish once and for all that she is in it to win it!

Today (5/22/08) on Morning Joe, MSNBC, Meeka read a “breaking news” report that she had just received that said that Obama has set up a “top secret” search for his VP!  The American public should not be deceived by this Bush tactic to usurp the nomination. Bush usurped the Presidency in 2000 when he started ACTING like he was the President from the beginning, even though the decision was not final, by taking steps to set up HIS CABINET!  Now, Obama is acting like he is already the nominee by campaigning in general election states and by setting up this absurd “top secret” search for a VP! 


Of course, the media is doing the same thing for Obama as it did for Bush in 2000; they are covering Obama’s moves as though there is nothing ridiculous or absurd about his searching for a VP BEFORE he has the nomination.  The media did the same thing in 2000; they covered Bush setting up his cabinet as though he had a perfect right to do so giving the impression to the rest of the country that it was ok for Bush to do this because he was going to be the President! 


At least 17 million people think Obama’s VP search is premature and ludicrous and he NEEDS the support of a good percentage of those people IF he wants the Presidency and not just the nomination.  Apparently Obama is falling prey to the belief of those around him that he is the messiah and all he has to do is say something to make it so.  He DOES NOT HAVE the nomination and acting like he does will not make it so!

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