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Lap-Dog Media Eats Up Hillary Comments Re June Primaries

John Harris (Media Hype:  How Small Stories Become Big News, Politico.com, 5/25/08) is correct when he says this kind of "reporting" can have serious effects referring to the media’s misrepresentation of Hillary’s comments about June primaries.  In 2008 the lap-dog media has had a severe and dangerous effect on the outcome of the Democratic Primary with its reckless, false, undocumented, and supposed journalistic pieces! 


The misrepresentation of Hillary’s comments re June primaries by the media, especially MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Olbermann, is typical of the media’s treatment of her campaign.  The media has attacked her constantly while propping up Obama in every gaffe he has made. It is clear that the media wants an African-American President and they will do anything to slam Hillary until she gets out of the race!


The best example of irresponsible reporting this season has been Chuck Todd’s (MSNBC) Voodoo Math that has misled the public for months and continues to mislead the public by saying that there is NO WAY for Hillary to win.  Of course, Todd was referring to the actual pledged delegate tally that Hillary would not be able to catch Obama and pass him in the count.  But, he and all the analysts and pundits and news print began to say that Hillary CAN NOT win the nomination–JUST DO THE MATH! 


The problem with the false statement that Hillary can not win, just do the math, is that Hillary has had and does have as much a chance to win the nomination as Obama according to Democratic Party rules.  The race is incredibly close and getting the majority of pledged delegates is a "good argument" but it is a meaningless number as far as the Party rules are concerned.  Getting the majority of the popular vote, which Hillary will do, is also a "good argument" and of equal weight with the majority of pledged delegates.  BOTH the popular vote majority and the pledged delegates majority are arguments to be made to the Superdelegates who will decide the nomination in this incredibly close race. 


The only real "magic number" that a candidate could get that would give them the nomination outright according to Party rules is a majority of ALL delegates (pledged delegates and Superdelegates), a number that NEITHER Obama nor Hillary will have at the end of the primaries AND THAT IS THE TRUE MATH that the public needs to know. The "magic number" will be somewhere between 2026 and 2210.  So, when Todd and all the analysts and pundits and print media continuously parrot each other by saying that Hillary can not win, just do the math, they are lying to the public and either intentionally or unintentionally dealing Hillary’s campaign a severe blow!  Such media stupidity or outright bias is an outrage; the public deserves fair, unbiased, and responsible reporting, especially when their reports directly affect the Presidency of the United States!

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