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Chuck Todd’s VOODOO MATH Has Underlying FALSE Assumptions!

Chuck Todd’s Voodoo Delegate Math (MSNBC) has been used by the majority of the analysts and pundits to lie to the American public.  And, I suspect that majority of the analysts and pundits who repeat Todd’s incorrect delegate math could not solve a mathematical equation if their lives depended upon it!


Chuck Todd’s Voodoo math has the following underlying FALSE assumptions that render is answer FALSE!


·        Todd uses an incorrect TOTAL delegate count that a candidate must have in order to win the nomination outright!  Todd has been using 2026 as the magic number!




Anyone with any knowledge of the Democratic Party’s system for SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee has known all along that the magic number would NOT be 2026 because there is NO WAY that the Michigan and Florida delegates would not be seated in some manner! So, the magic number will be somewhere in between 2026 and 2210 but IT WILL NOT BE 2026! 


And, contrary to some pundits laughing at this so-called “changing the goal posts,” nothing has been changed.  The math for calculating the magic number is clearly stated in the Democratic Party’s nomination process.  The problem has been with people like Chuck Todd determining what the magic number was before it could actually be determined and then misleading the public!


·        It has been clear for months that NEITHER candidate would win the nomination outright by getting the magic number, whatever it is!  The Superdelegates will decide the nominee.  Todd has assumed from the beginning that Superdelegates would cast their votes for Obama!


FALSE ASSUMPTION:  Superdelegates will cast their votes for Obama!


Todd and the parroting analysts and pundits have repeated Obama talking points by saying that the Superdelegates will not TAKE the nomination away from Obama!  The problem with that assumption is that OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE THE NOMINATION so no one can TAKE it away!  By repeating this Obama talking point, the media has added to the fear that the Superdelegates have that if they vote for the most electable candidate and it is not Obama, there will be chaos and riots at the convention!


Todd has consistently stated that Clinton could NOT win, never mentioning the fact that NEITHER could Obama!  Todd’s Voodoo Delegate Math includes a number of Superdelegates voting for Obama; he’s including a number based on FALSE ASSUMPTIONS not based on facts. 


A math problem should be based on FACTS if you want the answer to mean anything! Todd has a habit of including a number in an equation based on HIS ASSUMPTIONS and then FAILS to insure that the analysts and pundits are not only aware of those assumptions but repeat them every time they use his Voodoo Delegate Math!

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“Majority of Pledged Delegates” & “Mission Accomplished” Both LIES to the Public!

Obama is pulling the wool over the majority of the media’s eyes; and, through the media, he is attempting to lie to the public again when he says he has the “majority of the pledged delegates” and acts as though it means something! 


The “majority of pledged delegates” is a faux number that signifies NOTHING! IT IS NOT THE MAGIC NUMBER of 2026 or 2210 that is required by the Democratic Party’s process in order for a candidate to win the nomination outright.  The number 2026 or 2210 (or some number in between according to how MI and FL are seated at the convention) IS THE MAGIC NUMBER; and, it is written into the rules of the Party’s process for SELECTING not ELECTING a nominee. But, the “majority of pledged delegates” IS NOT written into the rules of the process and has NO SIGNIFICANCE WHATSOEVER!


MSNBC and other media can call Obama the “Magic” Man and yuck up this false victory for him; but, Obama and the media are misleading the public when they do!  Obama’s “majority of pledged delegates” victory is equal to George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished”, neither of which have any basis in truth; but the media is covering it as though it is a major victory just as they did when George Bush declared his so-called victory!  Yeah, that’s the kind of “change” in leadership that I want, one deceitful act after another!


And, for all of those who will write in and say that Hillary has pushed other numbers that are meaningless such as the popular vote I will tell you the difference now.  Hillary openly delivers those numbers as her “argument” to the Superdelegates!  She does NOT tell the public that those numbers give her a victory or make her the nominee by the rules which is what Obama is telling the public with his “majority of delegates” number!  Obama can rightfully use that number as an “argument” to the Superdelegates; but, he is using a number that is NOT in the rules as a way to declare victory to the public and to get the media to cover it as such. 


The Superdelegates must decide which candidate is the most electable; and, if they decide that it is in fact Hillary, Obama and his supporters will have the public believing that the nomination has been taken away from him when, in fact, OBAMA NEVER HAD the nomination in the first place!  Obama hopes that the FEAR of riots and chaos at the convention will sway the Superdelegtaes to give him a nomination that he does not deserve!  He wants to become the Affirmative Action President!

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Matthews Pompous Ass Re Appeasement and Chamberlain

Chris Matthews is a pompous ass!  I stopped watching Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann due to their rabid support of Obama and nasty attacks on Hillary Clinton.  I now watch Morning Joe due to Joe Scarborough’s balanced approach to the Presidential race; but, twice this week I have had to listen to Matthews absurd and ridiculous support for an Affirmative Action President!  I’m sick of his crazy rants and think someone needs to make sure he gets a long rest from the air waves.  Chris Matthews is obviously out of control!


I did watch the clip of Matthews attacking his guest erroneously (5/15/08).  The guest he attacked was not the one who brought up Chamberlain; but, Matthews, seizing what he thought was a topic he could use to skewer a guest who disagreed with him, struck out ferociously and stupidly.  His guest was supporting Bush’s point that the President of the United States should not sit down and talk directly with the likes of Ahmadinejad.  The guest that Matthews attacked was not the one who mentioned Chamberlain; but Matthews, with his supposed expertise in history, started hammering his guest to say exactly what Chamberlain did in 1938 or 1939. 


Matthews’ point was absurd and did not pertain to the point his guest was making.  And, of course, when the guest could not specifically say what Chamberlain had done, Matthews swelled up with disgusting satisfaction and cut his guest off and then made a disparaging statement at a time his guest could not reply!  Matthews is basically a coward who will not bring on guests who truly disagree with him; and when he accidentally gets a guest who will go tit for tat with him, he makes a fool of himself by trying to nag the person on a minute point about history that has nothing to do with the actual topic!


Matthews also made the ludicrous point that “appeasement” is giving in to something “under the gun” and that talking with Ahmadinejad would not be appeasement!  Matthews said “where’s the gun”?  Apparently Matthews does not think of the nuclear bomb as being the biggest gun on earth today; what an idiot!

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John Harwood and David Shuster NOT Professional Journalists; Just Political Hatchet Men for Obama!

MSNBC, PLEASE stop having John Harwood on EVERY hour of the day just because he’s got a book to sell.  I’m sick of his puking up Obama talking points on every hour of MSNBC!  Harwood has drunk so much Obama Kool-Aid that he actually is vomiting it up all over the set whenever he appears!  I can guarantee you that if he’s on the set and anything positive is said re Hillary, Harwood will break into the discussion and vomit up an Obama defense or an attack on Hillary!  I cannot believe that someone actually referred to Harwood as a reporter the other day; he’s given up any claim to being a professional reporter! 


Harwood, along with David Shuster, may have been professional reporters at some time in the past; but, now they are both nothing more than political hatchet men for Obama.  Harwood and Shuster are two peas in a pod and neither can claim to be professional journalists anymore!

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Mike Barnacle Rushes to Obama’s Aid Re Bush’s Supposed “Absurd” Hitler Comparison

Mike Barnacle said on Morning Joe (5/16/08) that Bush’s comments comparing Hitler to Ahmadinejad was an absurd comparison due to the magnitude of Hitler’s offenses.  But, the point that was being made was that Hitler should have been stopped BEFORE he could commit such horrific offenses and that just talking to him would have never stopped him! 


How horrendous would a nuclear bomb dropped on Israel be?  Does Barnacle think that the magnitude of that offense would be comparable to the destruction that Hitler wrought on the world?  Does Ahmadinejad have to commit the offense in order for anyone to compare him to Hitler?  Don’t be ridiculous Barnacle; there may be a point in time that it is perfectly ok to use Hitler as a reference point when referring to some leaders of terrorist nations.


Of course, Barnacle was really just rushing to the aid of his Messiah, Obama, along with the majority of the doofus talking heads at MSNBC!

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Obama’s Weak Underbelly Exposed With Bush’s Hitler Remarks

Bush’s comments re Hitler yesterday (5/15/08) could very well have been in reference to Jimmy Carter as Mike Barnacle (MSNBC, Morning Joe 5/16/08) first thought.  The problem is that the Obama campaign seized upon the topic because they think it is a good one for them; they think talking about it ELEVATES Obama to the Presidential level!  How absurd!  They are being naïve in not recognizing that this hits right at Obama’s soft underbelly on defense!  Obama made a stupid comment in one of the debates when he said he would talk DIRECTLY with the likes of Ahmadinejad WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS and now he’s stuck with that stand.  His advisors tried to ameliorate his stand by saying that, of course, there would be in-depth planning prior to Obama’s meeting with anyone but that does not get him out of the hot water!


IF Obama had been smart he would have kept his mouth shut and led the press to believe that Bush was referring to Carter and hoped the press dropped the topic.  Instead Obama started whining to the press; and, the media, as usual, came running to his defense declaring that OF COURSE Bush was referring to Obama!  Who else could Bush have been talking about?  And, NOW, the Republicans are all over the airwaves talking about Obama’s Doctrine of Appeasement!  Great!  Way to go Obama!  How ridiculous for Obama and his campaign to think that one of his major weaknesses could be dealt with by whining about a reference that the President did NOT make directly about him!


Once before Obama’s campaign tried to take a weakness and make it about something else and the press went along, but the rest of the country did not.  When Rev. Wright first appeared on the scene, Obama tried to make everyone believe the problem was race relations.  He gave a big speech on race relations and the press fell at his feet and swooned.  But, the rest of the country knew that the real problem that Obama had with Rev. Wright dealt with his patriotism; and Obama’s race speech did NOTHING to deal with that problem.  Obama’s patriotism problem is one he cannot correct due to his sitting in Wright’s pews for 20 years.  He should have left Wright’s church at least four or five years BEFORE running for President; there is no way to justify his actions in staying in the church and it makes him a flawed candidate! The press can talk about it being a race problem until they are blue in the face and it’s not going to change the minds of the majority of people who see it for what it really is–a patriotism problem!


Now, Obama’s campaign has seized upon Bush’s comments trying to benefit from an outraged media whining about how unfair the attack was on Obama!  They think that the topic ELEVATES Obama to the Presidential level!  But, due to Obama’s stupid answer in the debate that he would talk directly with the likes of Ahmadinejad WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS, Obama is in quick sand!  Intentionally getting into this particular national security debate with John McCain is EXACTLY what the Republicans wanted.  The topic is a perfect example of Obama’s inexperience and his weak underbelly and should be seen as a forewarning to Democrats that the Republican attack machine will be able to play Obama like a finely tuned violin.  The Clintons are the only ones who have beaten the Republican attack machine in Presidential politics; and, if we want the Presidency back, we need to nominate Hillary Clinton!

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Democratic Party’s Nomination Process IS NOT A MESS! Media’s Coverage is FRADULENT!

The Presidential nomination is not a mess.  What is a mess is the media’s total misunderstanding of the Democratic Party’s nominating process.  The media (pundits, analysts, anchors) have not taken the time to educate themselves about the process and have misinformed the public OR they do understand the process and are intentionally misleading the public due to their bias for Obama.


The Democratic Party’s process for nominating a candidate INCLUDES Super Delegates; the process has been there for all to see and learn about long before this nominating season began.  Super Delegates ARE NOT fat cats in a smoke-filled room nor are they Party bosses or Party elites as they have been portrayed by most of the media.  Super Delegates include Senators, Representatives, Governors but they are also Party officials and workers, people who stuff the envelopes and go door to door to get support for the Party.  Super Delegates are people who have more experience than the average voter in elections and what it takes to get someone elected.  For that reason, the people in the Democratic Party have decided to have the Super Delegates help choose the nominee when no one can overwhelmingly win the nomination through the primaries and caucuses.


If the media were to tell the public the truth about Super Delegates, all of those NEW, excited Democratic voters would know:


  • their votes alone do NOT determine the nominee,
  • the winner of the primaries and caucuses is not automatically the nominee,
  • the SELECTION process (NOT ELECTION process) is NOT a one-person, one-vote process; people can vote in a primary AND a caucus,
  • a candidate can only get the nomination through the primaries and caucuses by winning overwhelmingly by getting 2025 delegates; and,
  • if no candidate gets the magic number of delegates, the Super Delegates will determine the nominee by taking into account a variety of factors that influence the ability of a candidate to get elected.


Super Delegates were established to help determine the candidate who is the MOST ELECTABLE and can best represent the Democratic Party in the general election.  The Democratic Party’s nomination process, NOT election process, includes:


  • Primaries held to get input from the people, not to determine the nominee.
  • Caucuses held to get input from groups of people, not to determine the nominee.
  • Super Delegates who cast their votes when there is no candidate who can overwhelmingly win the nomination thru primaries and caucuses.


Primaries and caucuses are held over a period of several months and the people’s will can change from one period in time to another based on what has happened in a candidate’s campaign.  The Super Delegates are supposed to take into consideration the primary and caucus results; the Super Delegates were not designed to be, nor should they be, rubber stamps for those results!  They are designed to make sure that the Democratic Party has the most electable candidate for the general election.  How stupid would it be for the Super Delegates to vote for a nominee in June or August that they knew could not win the election just because the candidate won some primaries back in January or February! The media and Obama’s campaign need to let the Democratic Party’s nomination process take place so that we can have the strongest candidate, whoever that may be, to face the Republicans in the general election!


Some sates allow a person to vote in a primary and vote in a caucus; so, obviously, the primaries are not a one-person, one-vote election.  The primaries and caucuses are used to help select a nominee not elect a nominee.  The “overturn the will of the people” idea is a talking point being used by the Obama campaign and reinforced by the uninformed, uneducated media; it is an idea that the Obama campaign has been using successfully to try to force the Super Delegates to vote for him or face the wrath of the “will of the people”. 


The Obama campaign started the destruction of the Super Delegates process because they knew the race was close and knew that Super Delegates would be a source of strength for Hillary.  The pundits, analysts, and anchors initially admitted that they did not know who Super Delegates were or what their role was; so, the media used the Obama campaign’s definition of the Super Delegates as party bosses or elites who had the potential of overturning the will of the people!  Unfortunately, most of the media continue to use this absolutely incorrect definition of Super Delegates and are continuing to inflame the public with this nonsense.   Deliberately misrepresenting the role of the Super Delegates to the public and to all of those NEW voters is a dangerous tactic that the media needs to stop before it’s too late.  The media needs to correctly define the Super Delegates’ role in the Democratic Party instead of spouting the Obama campaign’s talking points that they can “overturn the will of the people”. 


Super Delegates DO NOT “overturn the will of the people” as the Obama campaign and the media are constantly telling the American people.  The Obama campaign is trying to force the Super Delegates to vote for Obama.  They are telling the public that if the Super Delegates do not vote for him they will be “overturning the will of the people” and the people will riot at the Democratic National Convention!  It is one thing for the Obama campaign to misinform the public about Super Delegates; but the media is responsible for giving the public the facts without bias.  If the media correctly informs the public about the Super Delegates, the process will work and their will be no mess, no chaos!



The media needs to correctly inform the public and all those NEW voters about the Democratic Party’s process.  It’s one thing for Obama’s campaign to threaten the Super Delegates with chaos at the Democratic National Convention; it is another thing for the media to refuse to correctly inform the public about the process.  If the media educated themselves about the process and then presented it to the public correctly, there would be no problem and no so-called mess!


The ignorance of the media about the Super Delegates OR the media’s deliberate misrepresentation of the role of the Super Delegates has the potential of causing chaos at the Democratic National Convention.  Should that chaos occur, it will not be due to the Democratic Party’s nomination process; the chaos will be due to the media’s ignorance or to their deliberate misrepresentation of the process to the public. 

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