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Obama To Cram for “Presidential Prep—Part A, Foreign Affairs” Exam with Overseas Trip!

Obama’s overseas trip is an attempt to cram for his upcoming “Presidential Prep—Part A, Foreign Affairs” Exam.  Fortunately for Obama, the media will prepare, administer, and grade this part of the “Presidential Exam” and will be reporting his grade to the American public.  Obama, his campaign, and the media have decided that all Obama needs is a “C” on the “Foreign Affairs” part of the “Presidential Prep” exam to satisfy the public that he’s ready to be Commander-in-Chief..


Due to Obama’s lack of time spent in the classroom and studying for the Presidential Prep course, he hopes he will get lucky and the questions asked by the media on the “Foreign Affairs” part of the final exam will be multiple choice/short answers.  Obama, like all students who are faced with a final exam and have not had the time for a number of reasons to attend the classes and study on a regular basis, is not fully prepared for the exam.  He does not want the exam to include in-depth questions that will allow the media to distinguish between those who have a total grasp of the subject matter and those who have just enough knowledge to get them by on a short-answer/multiple choice exam! 


Obama is pretty sure that his cramming for the exam will result in a good grade; but he is also concerned about the “F” he received on his “project” for the course, Chairman of a Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee..  He knows the project is supposed to be a major portion of his total grade but hopes the fact that the media likes him will prevent them from giving it the attention that it deserves.  He received an “F” on his project because he was appointed Chairman of the Subcommittee in January, 2007, and held only ONE meeting (April 8, 2008).  The one and only meeting he held for his committee was not substantive.  It was held as a photo op to give him media time interviewing General Petraeus and Ryan Crocker at a time when other students in the course would be getting photo ops on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee interviewing Petraeus/Crocker. 


Since the media likes Obama, they lack objectivity and are more likely to include multiple choice/short answer questions on the exam and to give him a higher grade than he deserves on any in-depth questions that find there way into the exam.  Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Obama’s lack of experience in Foreign Affairs will be revealed on this exam.  Tthe fact that he has not put in the time necessary to fully grasp the subject matter will wait for another day to be fully exposed.  Let’s all hope that his lack of in-depth foreign affairs knowledge and experience is not revealed to the public on a day when he is President of the most powerful country in the world.

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Obama “Campaign-Killer Gaffes” EXCUSED BY GUILT-RIDDEN MEDIA Results in FLAWED Candidate!

The media, guilt ridden over America’s racist past, has not attacked Obama on several campaign gaffes; instead, they have made excuses for him and openly rushed to his rescue! 


  • When he plagiarized major portions of Patrick Duval’s “Just Words” speech, the media said he had "borrowed" the words!  Yeah, right! He would have received an “F” at Harvard for “borrowing” that much of anyone’s speech!  Plagiarism killed Biden’s 2004 campaign.
  • When the Rev. Wright issue came up and the problem that Obama had was really patriotism, the press swooned at his feet when he made his "race" speech that had NOTHING to do with the real problem–patriotism.
  • When Obama referred to blue-collar, hard working people as clinging to their religion and guns and then called them bigots, his campaign would have ended the day the comment was released IF the media had not come to his aid.  The media, instead of focusing on how horrendous Obama’s comments were, started calling Hillary an elitist and began retelling Obama’s life story to make sure everyone knew that he was not an elitist!
  • When Obama said in a derogatory manner that Madeline Albright might have something to say about Hillary’s so-called foreign affairs experience, the media failed to point out that Obama was being an uninformed idiot since Albright had already had a lot to say about Hillary’s EXCELLENT foreign affairs qualifications!
  • When Obama was rude to a person who pestered him for a picture and finally gave in and said "but I’m not going to smile" the media barely mentioned his lack of self-control.  They made excuses for his being exhausted!  Had any other politician treated anyone in that manner their names would have been mud on ALL media outlets!
  • When Hillary had problems with her answer in a debate re driver’s license for illegal immigrants (the only real problem she had in ALL of the debates), she experienced tremendous media attacks.  But, one week later Obama failed to have an answer for the exact same question!  The media barely mentioned that he could not BUT SHOULD HAVE been able to answer that question, especially since it had been such a hot topic during the prior week!
  • When Obama’s answer to a female reporter’s question was "Just a minute, Sweetie", the media made all kinds of excuses for him and once again let him off the hook.

One or more of Obama’s gaffes listed above would have been a campaign killer in races past.  There is no doubt whatsoever that the media gave Obama far too many passes during the Democratic primaries; and, as a result, the Democratic Party now has a PRESUMPTIVE nominee who is a flawed candidate due to his gaffes, mistakes, and lack of experience on the national stage. 

The media gave the Republicans McCain and the Democrats Obama.  How unfortunate it is that a candidate possessing only two years of experience on the national stage can be propped up by the media and leave Americans with such a poor choice to make for President of the most powerful country in the world!

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McCain VP Needs Econ Exp; Obama VP Needs Foreign Affairs Exp. ONE Candidate Has ALL, Hillary Clinton, Forced Out Of Race By Media & DNC! How Smart Is That, America!

Every day, the media that, along with the DNC, forced Hillary Clinton out of the Presidential race is overwhelmed by the state of our economy and foreign affairs relations.  The search for an appropriate VP for both McCain and Obama is a constant topic.  No one seems able to come up with a VP for McCain who can fill in for his shortcomings, economic policy comprehension and his age.  No one seems able to come up with a VP for Obama who can fill in for his shortcomings, foreign affairs knowledge and experience and his age.


How ironic it is that the ONE person who has BOTH the economic policy comprehension and the foreign affairs knowledge and experience AND has NO PROBLEM with her age was forced out of the race by a media that is guilt ridden over America’s racial past and a Democratic National Committee with the same problem!


At a time when our country desperately needs a President who understands our economy and KNOWS what it takes to turn this country around, we are offered McCain who admits he is weak on the economy or Obama who is still wet behind the ears when it comes to our economy! 


At a time when our country desperately needs a Commander in Chief who KNOWS what it takes to reposition our country as a world leader admired and respected by most, we are offered Obama who obviously does not possess the necessary background and experience in foreign affairs that is needed or McCain who is downright scary on the topic! 


The ONE person (Hillary Clinton) who is a policy wonk on the economy AND has excellent foreign affairs knowledge and experience is not going to be on the ballot!  Way to go Superdelegates; if you had voted based on your background and experience instead of being scared that there would be riots and chaos at the convention, America would have a qualified candidate for President ON THE BALLOT!

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