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Obama “Campaign-Killer Gaffes” EXCUSED BY GUILT-RIDDEN MEDIA Results in FLAWED Candidate!

The media, guilt ridden over America’s racist past, has not attacked Obama on several campaign gaffes; instead, they have made excuses for him and openly rushed to his rescue! 


  • When he plagiarized major portions of Patrick Duval’s “Just Words” speech, the media said he had "borrowed" the words!  Yeah, right! He would have received an “F” at Harvard for “borrowing” that much of anyone’s speech!  Plagiarism killed Biden’s 2004 campaign.
  • When the Rev. Wright issue came up and the problem that Obama had was really patriotism, the press swooned at his feet when he made his "race" speech that had NOTHING to do with the real problem–patriotism.
  • When Obama referred to blue-collar, hard working people as clinging to their religion and guns and then called them bigots, his campaign would have ended the day the comment was released IF the media had not come to his aid.  The media, instead of focusing on how horrendous Obama’s comments were, started calling Hillary an elitist and began retelling Obama’s life story to make sure everyone knew that he was not an elitist!
  • When Obama said in a derogatory manner that Madeline Albright might have something to say about Hillary’s so-called foreign affairs experience, the media failed to point out that Obama was being an uninformed idiot since Albright had already had a lot to say about Hillary’s EXCELLENT foreign affairs qualifications!
  • When Obama was rude to a person who pestered him for a picture and finally gave in and said "but I’m not going to smile" the media barely mentioned his lack of self-control.  They made excuses for his being exhausted!  Had any other politician treated anyone in that manner their names would have been mud on ALL media outlets!
  • When Hillary had problems with her answer in a debate re driver’s license for illegal immigrants (the only real problem she had in ALL of the debates), she experienced tremendous media attacks.  But, one week later Obama failed to have an answer for the exact same question!  The media barely mentioned that he could not BUT SHOULD HAVE been able to answer that question, especially since it had been such a hot topic during the prior week!
  • When Obama’s answer to a female reporter’s question was "Just a minute, Sweetie", the media made all kinds of excuses for him and once again let him off the hook.

One or more of Obama’s gaffes listed above would have been a campaign killer in races past.  There is no doubt whatsoever that the media gave Obama far too many passes during the Democratic primaries; and, as a result, the Democratic Party now has a PRESUMPTIVE nominee who is a flawed candidate due to his gaffes, mistakes, and lack of experience on the national stage. 

The media gave the Republicans McCain and the Democrats Obama.  How unfortunate it is that a candidate possessing only two years of experience on the national stage can be propped up by the media and leave Americans with such a poor choice to make for President of the most powerful country in the world!

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