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Obama To Cram for “Presidential Prep—Part A, Foreign Affairs” Exam with Overseas Trip!

Obama’s overseas trip is an attempt to cram for his upcoming “Presidential Prep—Part A, Foreign Affairs” Exam.  Fortunately for Obama, the media will prepare, administer, and grade this part of the “Presidential Exam” and will be reporting his grade to the American public.  Obama, his campaign, and the media have decided that all Obama needs is a “C” on the “Foreign Affairs” part of the “Presidential Prep” exam to satisfy the public that he’s ready to be Commander-in-Chief..


Due to Obama’s lack of time spent in the classroom and studying for the Presidential Prep course, he hopes he will get lucky and the questions asked by the media on the “Foreign Affairs” part of the final exam will be multiple choice/short answers.  Obama, like all students who are faced with a final exam and have not had the time for a number of reasons to attend the classes and study on a regular basis, is not fully prepared for the exam.  He does not want the exam to include in-depth questions that will allow the media to distinguish between those who have a total grasp of the subject matter and those who have just enough knowledge to get them by on a short-answer/multiple choice exam! 


Obama is pretty sure that his cramming for the exam will result in a good grade; but he is also concerned about the “F” he received on his “project” for the course, Chairman of a Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee..  He knows the project is supposed to be a major portion of his total grade but hopes the fact that the media likes him will prevent them from giving it the attention that it deserves.  He received an “F” on his project because he was appointed Chairman of the Subcommittee in January, 2007, and held only ONE meeting (April 8, 2008).  The one and only meeting he held for his committee was not substantive.  It was held as a photo op to give him media time interviewing General Petraeus and Ryan Crocker at a time when other students in the course would be getting photo ops on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee interviewing Petraeus/Crocker. 


Since the media likes Obama, they lack objectivity and are more likely to include multiple choice/short answer questions on the exam and to give him a higher grade than he deserves on any in-depth questions that find there way into the exam.  Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Obama’s lack of experience in Foreign Affairs will be revealed on this exam.  Tthe fact that he has not put in the time necessary to fully grasp the subject matter will wait for another day to be fully exposed.  Let’s all hope that his lack of in-depth foreign affairs knowledge and experience is not revealed to the public on a day when he is President of the most powerful country in the world.

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