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The war on women being conducted by lawmakers at the local, state, and federal level is taking away their health care benefits and the right to make their own reproductive choices.  The laws being passed by these irresponsible, authoritarian, mostly male Hitlerites are based on THEIR religious beliefs and are nothing more than RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION OF WOMEN in this country!  ANY law that requires/allows any action/inaction based on religious beliefs is UNCONSTITUTIONAL; and it’s about time women stopped allowing this persecution, especially religious persecution of those women who are least able to fight back, those in the lower-income group.

These new laws that take away women’s healthcare benefits or their right to make their own reproductive choices are so offensive that I actually have to research them further when I hear about them because I just can’t believe it!  And, when I do research the latest one that I have heard about,  I find that some idiotic lawmakers presuming to represent the public have decided to use their own religious beliefs to force others to behave according to THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!  I find it absolutely impossible to believe that such laws would be suggested much less passed by any group with any awareness of the consequences of their actions.

The latest offensive, religious persecution law I read about on Twitter was passed by the Missouri House of Representatives!  The law allows medical professionals to deny women access to contraception! Really! WTF!   USWarOnWomen.wordpress.com states “Under the law, medical professionals cannot be fired or discriminated against for refusing to provide contraception or perform abortions if it conflicted with their personal views, while employers do not have to cover contraception.”  I say again, WTF!  What in the world were these lawmakers thinking, writing a law that states “IF it conflicts with their personal views” as though they have the right to allow someone who holds a woman’s life in their hands the right to use their religious beliefs to overrule her own!   And, of course, THEIR PERSONAL VIEWS ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE BASED ON THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!

I think MOST caring, thoughtful people would find a law that makes a woman have to allow someone to thrust an object into her vagina if she’s considering an abortion to be beyond absurd!  A law such as that basically legalizes physical abuse of women!  Who in the hell in the year 2012 in the United States would think such a law would even be allowed to be introduced?  Who would think that such a law would even be discussed by anyone with half a brain?  Who would even consider voting for such a law?  I’ll tell you who!  The ones introducing such a law, discussing such a law, and voting for such a law possess warped and evil brains that get enjoyment out of others’ pain especially women’s pain!  They LOVE power and their twisted brains lead them to believe that they are always right!  Their obstinence comes from their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and no one is allowed to even question the legitimacy of those religious beliefs!

Such “Scarlet Letter” laws were abominable in the early years of this country but they are absolutely unacceptable in the year 2012!  WE WOMEN WILL NOT STAND FOR SUCH IDIOCY MASKING ITSELF IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!  These laws are nothing more than RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION OF WOMEN and they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  We need to publish in every outlet we can find the names of ALL who introduce and vote for such laws; their names should be distributed to all women (and many very supportive men) so that we can do all that we can to make sure that they NEVER hold public office again!  We need to call, write, email every local, state, federal prosecutor to demand that they immediately stop any and all of these religious persecution laws from being enacted; and, if the prosecutors do not take action, take down their names and distribute them because many of them hold elected positions and we need to make sure that they never hold public office again!

We should not think that this is just a passing fad and that these laws will never be enacted because they most certainly will be enacted.  Women have been persecuted for many reasons in this country and some women were physically tortured in the process of getting the right to vote.  We cannot allow warped minds who get off from religious persecution to continue to enjoy their most current persecution of women.  The only way to stop them is to expose them for what they are and to make sure that all who are affected by these insane laws are aware of them and use their right to vote to take these bastards out of office now!

An excellent source for information about these laws and other subjects that affect women’s rights is USWarOnWomen.wordpress.com.  I would like to thank them for providing such a thorough resource!  I only wish I had found the blog before now! 🙂

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