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Get Religious Beliefs OUT of Hospitals and Charities!

If Catholic and other religious institutions can not medically treat people in their hospitals or help poor people with their charities without imposing their religious beliefs on others, then they should get out of the hospital and charity business! No one is forcing them to operate these facilities! Hospitals and charities should not be bastions of religious beliefs set up to gain converts anyway; they should be there to serve and help people!

Religious zealots have successfully used the ruse that they don’t want their tax dollars used to support abortion/contraception because both are against their “values”, a code word for religious beliefs!  They’ve used this ruse to entrap decent, well-meaning people into supporting their anti-abortion, anti-contraception stances!  It’s a cowardly way to get the majority that supports abortion and contraception to support the imposition of religious beliefs upon others.  There are numerous things that my tax dollars support that go against my “values”!  So, let me say that I DO NOT want MY tax dollars supporting hospitals, charities, schools, etc. gaining converts and spreading religious doctrines that are against MY “values”! 🙂 And, believe me, those religious organizations receive MILLIONS of tax dollars that they are using to spread their religious doctrines and gain converts!

I’m a firm supporter of contraception and abortion rights.  I don’t like abortion; no one does. But, abortion should be reduced by education and contraception NOT by the religious persecution of women by hospitals, charities, etc.  in a country that’s supposed to have freedom of religion.

We must keep the religious beliefs in the churches where they belong! If Catholic and other religious organizations want to operate their businesses (hospitals, charities, schools, etc.) in the religious-free marketplace, then they can NOT be allowed to use those institutions to religiously persecute women by discriminating against them based on their religious beliefs!

  1. September 7, 2012 at 11:29 am

    So screw the poor that the religious charities and hospitals help? How could you possibly be that hateful? Now there is a religious free marketplace? It takes an evil heart to make this stuff up.


    • January 10, 2013 at 11:20 pm

      IF the churches can not help the poor and sick without forcing their religious beliefs on those they purport to “help”, then they should get out of the hospitals and charities BUSINESS! The purpose of a hospital is to treat the sick NOT spread religious dogma; the purpose of a charity is to aid the needy NOT force your religious beliefs on those you are supposed to be helping!

      If churches wish to operate in our democratic marketplace and hire those who do not share their religious beliefs they can not expect to discriminate against those employees and hide behind freedom of religion to do it!

      Saying that the sick and needy will not be treated/helped unless you can use their misfortunes as opportunities to FORCE your religious beliefs on them is evil. My pointing it out has nothing to do with my heart!


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