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Law To Require ALL Men To Wear PENIS HARNESS To Stop Population Explosion/Control Spread of Sexual Diseases! :-)

I am starting a movement to get a law introduced into Congress that would require ALL men to wear a “penis harness” to stop the population explosion and to help control the spread of sexual diseases!  Rationing cards would be distributed to each man; the cards would allow the removal of the penis harness for short periods of time but only on certain days.  The ration cards would be designed to unlock only the penis harness of the person to whom the ration cards were issued.

Of course, due to the sanctity of marriage in this country, married men would be issued more ration cards than single men but the days and times that the ration cards could be used would be strictly enforced!  Each week the man would have to be examined by a doctor to make sure the penis was free of disease and that the harness had not been inappropriately used.

Naturally, the penis harness checkup could only be done in a medical clinic that had extensive governmental controls!  The checkup could only be done by certain approved doctors.  Due to these restrictions, there could only be one clinic in each state because it would be entirely too expensive to provide multiple clinics in each state!

The penis harness is absolutely necessary since we can no longer pay for the upkeep and support of so many children being born in this country and the costs of treating people with sexual diseases is no longer an acceptable practice since it goes against most people’s values!

When this law is introduced, I expect there will be tremendous opposition from ALL men in this country and some women!  Can you imagine the uproar!

There would be NO men who would support such an absurd, offensive law; and, yet, there are SOME women who are supporting the outrageously offensive laws that are being passed against women in this country by mostly Republican, self-righteous, misogynistic slime balls!  Cowardly, sorry excuses for men are introducing and passing asinine laws that no one would have thought anyone would have even considered just ten years ago!

WTF is going on in this country and WHY are some women willing to support such obviously offensive laws against women, their OWN kind?  Normally I would say each to her own opinion; but, in this case, these women are our own worst enemies in this War On Women!  They MUST wake up and realize that they are on the WRONG side of this War Against Women!  And, SOME of us are getting sick and tired of fighting against them for THEIR rights!  We’re also getting tired of their calling their own kind sluts and turning up their noses when they hear the word feminist!  And, if I hear one more WOMAN say they are protecting the rights of the “unborn” in this fight, I’m going to puke!  How stupid can these women be!   Are they really so blind that they cannot see that they are only a few steps away from becoming chattel again and having to wear chastity belts!  Maybe if we require THEIR men to wear penis harnesses they will finally STFU!

Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act AGAINST WOMEN Fails in Congress 5/31/12! :-)

Today, the Republicans with the support of anti-abortion zealots brought a bill H.R.341 to the House floor that was a ruse to gain the support of innocent, unknowing voters!  The bill sometimes referred to as PRENDA the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act was one of many that anti-abortion zealots with Republicans have introduced that deny women rights to medical procedures and benefits! The following are the actual words used to describe the bill for the House of Representatives: “To prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex or race, and for other purposes.”

The anti-abortion zealots with Republicans actually MADE UP out of thin air a problem they say exists in America, girls having abortions only because the fetus is female!  They said this law was necessary to prevent sex-selective abortions and to protect the female population!  Unbelievable, right?  Basically, they told everyone that if your representative voted against this bill, he/she was SUPPORTING sex-selective abortions; and, since these abortions were only being done if the fetus were female, voting against this bill would also be voting against women!  Clever deception on Republicans part and so typical of the process that anti-abortion zealots have developed to deceive voters!

The deceptive process has been very successful up until now!  It seems that SOME women and men in this country have figured out this ruse and are finally letting their representatives know that enough is enough.  Yesterday, May 31, 2012, the bill failed to get the 2/3 majority it needed to pass!  The final vote was 246 to 168 with 20 Democrats voting with the Republicans to pass this farce and 7 unbelievably courageous Republicans voting with the Democrats to defeat the bill!  So, today, in the House of Representatives 246 voted to support women’s rights and 168 voted against women’s rights! 8 Republicans and 9 Democrats did not vote!

The names of the 20 Democrats who voted AGAINST WOMEN on this bill are:

Altmire, Jason, D , McCandless, NY, 5th District

Barrow, John, D, Savannah, GA, 12th District

Boren, Dan, D, Muskogee, OK , 2nd District

Cooper, Jim, D, Nashville, TN, 5th District

Costello, Jerry F., D, Belleville, IL, 12th District

Critz, Mark S., D, Johnstown, PA, 12th District

Cuellar, Henry, D, Laredo,TX, 28th District

Donnelly, Joe, D, Granger, IN, 2nd District

Garamendi, John, D, Walnut Grove, CA, 10th District

Holden, Tim, D, Saint Clair, PA, 17th District

Kissell, Larry, D, Biscoe, NC, 8th District

Lipinski, Daniel, D, Western Springs, IL, 3rd District

Lynch, Stephen F. , D, South Boston, MA, 9th District

Matheson, Jim, D, Salt Lake City, UT, 2nd District

McIntyre, Mike, D, Lumberton, NC, 7th District

Peterson, Collin C., D, Detroit Lakes, MN, 7th District

Rahall, Nick J., II, D, Beckley, WV, 3rd District

Reyes, Silvestre, D, El Paso, TX, 16th District

Ross, Mike, D, Prescott, AR, 4th District

Shuler, Heath, D, Waynesville, NC, 11th District

These Democrats need to be called on the carpet for not protecting women from such obvious, deliberate attempts to deny their medical rights.  Hopefully they will receive NO funds for campaigning from the Democratic National Committee or any other organization that supports Democrats for re-election!

If you find your representative in the above list, please contact them to let them know that you don’t appreciate their vote and that you do not support anti- abortionists maneuvers that only take away women’s rights!  Tell them you would appreciate their support for women’s issues in the future!  We must stop these extremist and the only way to do it is to go representative by representative or councilperson by councilperson at the local level!

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