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Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part One

My many thanks to the author of this post for untold hours of research on the attack cabal and for providing a Twitter tweet stream that those of us who have been attacked can bop into and find solace and strength to fight against these unethical, immoral people, not to mention the many times I have LMAO at some of the comments! 🙂 Thanks, Jan, for all you do!


Anatomy of a Twitter Smear Campaign – Part One

I have been the victim of an intensive, relentless smear campaign. There will much written on this in the near future. At present, I’m balancing real life and fighting for my reputation and against the stream of trolls and perpetrators promoting this terror via countless RTs and MTs used to inject this venom across twitter and the internet.

You see, once a smear campaign begins, it is spread across Google and other search engines by sites that stream twitter accounts 24/7. Then there are the Twitlongers, Pastebins and Chirpstory accounts and many more outlets, spanning discussions on HuffPost and countless blogs.

Because of the actions of Trina Cuppett @keyboardninja13, Matt Osborne @OsborneInk and their “friends”, my name is now associated with the words, “pedo”, pedo supporter”, “rape”, “infiltrator” and many other ugly terms.

I am none of those things and they…

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