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Sanders Wants Political Revolution, NOT Unity!


My comments are in parentheses, bold & italics

I am writing you today to express my deep pride in the movement — the political revolution — (all Bernie has ever pushed for is a political revolution against both parties!) you and I have created together over the last 15 months. When we began this historic campaign, we were considered fringe players by the political, economic and media establishment. Well, we proved them wrong. (The media, by giving Bernie millions of $s in free coverage, proved them wrong!)
We showed that the American people support a bold, progressive agenda that takes on the billionaire class, that fights for racial, social, economic and environmental justice and that seeks to create a government that works for all of us and not just the big campaign donors.
(THESE ARE NOT NEW GOALS! THESE ARE GOALS OF ALL DEMOCRATS & THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! Plus, one more dagger at Dems/Hillary for campaign finance support that he himself uses because we do not have campaigns financed by the public. Without that, we have no choice but to find private financing and HE KNOWS IT!)
We mobilized over 13 million voters across the country. We won 23 Democratic primary and caucus contests. We had literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country. And we showed — in a way that can change politics in America forever — that you can run a competitive national grassroots campaign without begging millionaires and billionaires for campaign contributions. (Yes, you can IF media kisses your ass, asks no hard questions, does NOT vet you, does not demand you show your tax returns! This is also subtle dagger at Hillary Clinton, implying once again that she is beholden to Wall St., a GOP created lie and talking point!)
Most importantly, we elevated the critical issues facing our country — issues the establishment has pushed under the rug for too long. (Another subtle dagger at Hillary Clinton, the ESTABLISHMENT’S candidate) We focused attention on the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in this country and the importance of breaking up the large banks who brought our economy to the brink of collapse. We exposed our horrendous trade policies, our broken criminal justice system, (Two more subtle daggers at Hillary Clinton, reaffirming GOP lies, half truths re her policies that he constantly misrepresented!) and our people’s lack of access to affordable health care and higher education. We fought aggressively to address the crisis of climate change, the need for real comprehensive immigration reform, (These are Democratic Party goals, nothing new!) the importance of developing a foreign policy that values diplomacy over war, (Subtle dagger at Hillary Clinton using GOP talking point & extremists far left that she’s a hawk, although he voted for all Wars, war actions!) and so much more.

We have shown throughout this election that these are issues that are important to voters and that progressive solutions energize people in the fight for real change. What we have accomplished so far is historic — but our work is far from over. (He had actually accomplished NOTHING as usual! He had run his mouth with no concrete results and no policy statements as to how to accomplish goals. All he had done was energize the far left extremists in the Dem Party by repeating GOP talking points against Hillary which separated them from the Dem Party and brought out more Hillary haters and reinforced their ignorance with GOP talking points using created scandals, lies, gossip! The  group of far left extremists he attracted were mostly young and really did not know Hillary or her TRUE history. BUT Bernie had been in politics as long as Hillary and had worked with her. He KNEW the GOP talking points he used against Hillary were not true! He KNEW Hillary as a hard-working, highly ethical public servant but when his supporters viciously attacked her, he did nothing to stop them!)

This movement of ours — this political revolution — must continue. We cannot let all of the momentum we have achieved in the fight to transform America be lost. We will never stop fighting for what is right. (As though the Democratic Party had not been fighting for all these things. He’s con artist)
It is true that in terms of winning the Democratic nomination, we did come up short. (Bullshit, he never even came close! He was an Independent running in the Democratic Primary! Only his ego thought he could win!) But this election was never about me or any candidate. It was about the powerful coming together of millions of people to take their country back (Does that phrase sound familiar?) from the billionaire class. (ALL democratic candidates have equality as their goal! He talks as if he alone has this as goal!) That was the strength of our campaign and it will be the strength of our movement going forward in the months and years ahead. (He fully intends to continue attacking the Democratic Party as part of his “movement”, political revolution; and he is telling his followers to do the same!)
In the coming weeks, I will be announcing the creation of successor organizations to carry on the struggle that we have been a part of these past 15 months. I hope you will continue to be involved in fighting to transform America. Our goal will be to advance the progressive agenda that we believe in and to elect like-minded candidates at the federal, state and local levels who are committed to accomplishing our goals.(Announced his intention to lead the Tea Party of the Democratic Party, the far left extremists. He has no intention of uniting Party! His goal is to destroy the Democratic Party! His quoted statements and video interviews through the years show this to be true!)
In terms of the presidential election this November, there is no doubt that the election of Donald Trump as president would be a devastating blow to all that we are fighting for. His openly bigoted and pro-billionaire campaign could precipitate the same decades-long rightward shift in American politics that happened after the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. That rightward shift after Reagan’s election infected not just politics as a whole but led to the ascendancy of the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party — an era from which we are still recovering. (He’s supporting GOP, throwing daggers at Bill and Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party! He knows we don’t have public financing of elections and even he couldn’t win his Senate seat without powerful lobbyists backing him! THERE IS NO CORPORATIST WING OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY! Bull shit liar and con artist, just not as good as Trump!)

I cannot in good conscience let that happen.

To have all of the work we have done in elevating our progressive ideals be dashed away by a complete Republican takeover of Washington — a takeover headed by a candidate that demonizes Latinos, Muslims, women, African Americans, veterans, and others — would be unthinkable. (ALL of this is anti-Trump, NOT pro Hillary Clinton! And, of course, he wants Dems in power because WE have allowed him to continue to draw a salary for doing nothing, courted his vote by giving him positions of power. He worked the system for himself, spouted what people wanted to hear, fought for things knew could never get, all for himself! He never really accomplished anything in 30 years!)
Today, I endorsed Hillary Clinton to be our next president. I know that some of you will be disappointed with that decision. But I believe that, at this moment, our country, our values, and our common vision for a transformed America, are best served by the defeat of Donald Trump and the election of Hillary Clinton. (Again, anti Trump and saying she’s all we have is not true endorsement!)

You should know that in the weeks since the last primary, both campaigns have worked together in good faith to bridge some of the policy issues that divided us during the election. Did we come to agreement on everything? Of course not. But we made important steps forward.

Hillary Clinton released a debt free college plan that we developed together which now includes free tuition at public colleges and universities for working families. This was a major part of our campaign’s agenda and a proposal that, if enacted into law, would revolutionize higher education in this country. (Hillary already had a plan to address college student debt. THEIR plan did not include FREE college for all!)

Secretary Clinton has also publicly committed to massive investments in health care for communities across this country that will increase primary care, including mental health care, dental care, and low-cost prescription drug access for an additional 25 million people. Importantly, she has also endorsed the enactment of a so-called public option to allow everyone in this country to participate in a public insurance program. This idea was killed by the insurance industry during consideration of President Obama’s health care program. (Hillary already had plans for addressing these problems! He brought NOTHING to the table!)

During the Democratic platform proceedings in St. Louis and Orlando, we were victorious in including amendments to make it a clear priority of the Democratic Party to fight for a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, expand Social Security, abolish the death penalty, put a price on carbon, establish a path toward the legalization of marijuana, enact major criminal justice reforms, pass comprehensive immigration reform, end for-profit prisons and detention facilities, break up too-big-to-fail banks and create a 21st century Glass-Steagall Act, close loopholes that allow big companies to avoid taxes by stashing their cash in offshore tax havens and use that revenue to rebuild America, approve the most expansive agenda ever for protecting Native American rights and so much more. (Except the “fight for” $15 minimum wage, some Dems felt should vary it somewhat, find me a Democrat who was not already in favor of all these things being in the platform!)
All of these progressive policies were at the heart of our campaign. The truth is our movement is responsible for the most progressive Democratic platform in the history of our country. (Liar and bullshit con artist! The platform would have been the most progressive Democratic platform in history even if no one had ever heard of him and his revolution movement!)  All of that is the direct result of the work that our members of the platform committee did in the meetings and that you have been doing over the last 15 months.

But none of these initiatives will happen if we do not elect a Democratic president in November. None! In fact, we will go backward.  We must elect the Democratic nominee (Asshole would not even say HER name! He’s a sulking, egotistical brat!) in November and progressive Democrats up and down the ballot so that we ensure that these policy commitments can advance.

It is extremely important that we keep our movement together, that we hold public officials accountable and that we elect progressive candidates to office at the federal, state, and local level who will stand with us.

As part of that effort, we still have a tremendous amount of work left to do in the Democratic Rules Committee that will be meeting in the coming weeks. We have to enact the kinds of reforms to the Democratic Party and to the electoral process that will provide us the tools to elect progressive candidates, to allow new voices and new energy into the Party, and to break up the excessive power that the economic and political elites in the Party currently have. (If there was ANY doubt that his intentions are to destroy the Democratic Party and that he despises it, these statements end any doubt! I’m SICK of his referring to the Democratic Party as being controlled by elites! That’s pure bullshit that was successful with the uninformed but anyone who has worked in Democratic Party knows it’s another one of his bullshit lies!) As with our fights on the platform committee, that will only be possible if we stand together.
You should know that I intend to be actively campaigning throughout this election season to elect candidates who will stand by our agenda. I hope to see many of you at events from coast to coast. (Note he did NOT say he would be actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton! That’s why we should NEVER allow an Independent to run in OUR primary! When they lose, they will NOT support our OUR Democratic Party candidate for POTUS! They have no loyalty to the Democratic Party)
In conclusion, I again want to express my pride in what we have accomplished together over the last year. But so much more must be done to make our vision a reality. Now more than ever our country needs our movement — our political revolution. (Again, he was not running FOR Democratic Party candidacy. He was running for HIS political revolution against the Democratic Party and he STILL is!) As you have throughout this historic campaign, I ask for your ongoing support (still asking for MONEY from his low info, far left, extremists followers!) as we continue through the fall and beyond.

On a personal note, I cannot say with words how appreciative Jane and I are of the kindness, dedication and love we experienced from so many people across the country. We are deeply touched by it and will never, ever forget it.

Please let me know that you will stand with me to defeat Donald Trump, and to elect candidates who will stand by our agenda as part of the future of our political revolution. Add your name now. (Note he is campaigning anti Trump and FOR people who support HIS agenda, political revolution AND is still collecting names to add to his money-collection pool! NEVER mentions Hillary Clinton!)

Forever committed, forever fighting,
forever forward,
Bernie Sanders

(This is the worst example I’ve ever seen of a “concession” speech to a member of one’s “OWN” party! Sanders was NEVER a Democrat, he has said so many times. The Democratic Party made a major mistake allowing an Independent to LIE on the primary form to get into the race. ALL knew he was not a Democrat. The form says it’s a felony to lie on the form! Weeks later, Sanders in an interview said he was running as a Democrat for the money and media exposure. He should have been prosecuted for a felony. At the very least, his willingness to lie for the money/media exposure should have given his supporters a hint regarding his morals and ethics! Serious research into Sanders background will show that he is willing to sacrifice his morals and ethics to get whatever he wants! The media failed to vet him just like they failed to vet Trump. And, like Trump, he was NEVER forced by the media to show his income tax returns!)


The mourning has been hellacious, every waking moment, for the fraud election in which Putin cyber attacked the Democratic Party, Hillary, and our country! He started a Cyber War and appears to have won the first major battle by installing his puppet, Predator-in-Chief T***Pf and his cronies in the White House to wreak havoc in any way possible and to steal every last penny from the 99%!

Mourning time is OVER! It’s been replaced by extreme, almost uncontrollable anger, DAILY! Really, watching T***Pf attend a prayer ceremony!  Give me a break!  Any child who attends church regularly knows it is NOT 2 Corinthians, its 2nd Corinthians.  I’d like to see “undoctored” pics of that scumbag in a church for any reason other than a wedding!  Evangelicals who support/ed him need to walk the aisle again and ask for forgiveness!  They supported a man who admitted to sexually assaulting GIRLS on numerous TV programs, in magazine interviews and BRAGGED about seeing their naked bodies, described them and said it was his right to “inspect the product”!  Any evangelical who can support this man, seriously needs to check their moral compass, no matter what they THINK he is going to do for them!  What he did and said was NOT fake news; he did these things and said them BEFORE he ran for POTUS so there was no reason for anyone to make it all up!

New York has known for a long time that T***Pf is a braggart, business failure, and a narcissist! Why the media4$s did not expose him I can only guess they were greedy and put money over country OR T***Pf and Putin have enough to blackmail and expose them as the immoral, low-integrity people they are.  But, instead of exposing him, they gave him millions of dollars of free ads, acted like his minions, covered his tweets instead of the Russian invasion and helped Putin attack America and install his puppet as POTUS!  They didn’t even keep after him DAILY until he released his tax returns, which, by the way he still has NOT!  I strongly suspect he’s worth MUCH less than he claims or is deeply in debt, either of which will disappoint his adoring fans!

Did you ever see T***Pf actually campaign amongst the people? No, he only held rallies and called in to so-called news shows from the comfort of his bed eating doughnuts!  I thought he must be a germophobe and afraid to shake hands with people; turns out I may have been right!  Our new illegitimate POTUS may be afraid to shake hands with people in addition to his hundreds of other faults as a despicable example for a human being!

The point is that the extreme anger needs an outlet so it is time to fight for our Democracy! And, any liberal leaders who are not willing to fight need to step aside and let the people speak!  T***Pf has an approval rating of lower than 40% so the MAJORITY of the people in this country do not want this scoundrel for POTUS.  Some continue to call him POTUS as though he is legitimate!  STOP IT!  He’s NOT the legitimate POTUS!  He was installed by Putin by way of a Cyber War and should be removed NOW!  If Putin had attacked us with missiles, almost all Americans would be up in arms demanding a NEW ELECTION!  Well, Putin DID attack us, even if you don’t understand computers and cyber warfare, believe all the intelligence agencies and directors who are telling you daily that he did!

The ONLY way to correct what has been done and to prove to Putin that he cannot control America is to have a NEW ELECTION! He may have thought he won; but, if we have a NEW, FAIR ELECTION, we will have WON!  A new election is not something we usually do in our democracy because we so strongly believe in the “peaceful transfer of power”!   But these are NOT usual times, we are in a cyber WAR with Russia and if we let them install our POTUS, we have lost the first MAJOR battle.  The freedom of the entire world depends on our reaction to this attack!   So far, our reaction has been feeble, which is only making Putin and his thugs stronger by the second.  We must answer Putin’s attack with a NEW, FAIR ELECTION immediately!  The media should report on the progress being made toward the new election, T***Pf and gang should be removed from the White House and ALL power removed.  He’s shown he supports Russia, the one who attacked us!  Get him out of there!  The media should disqualify him like they have others in the past:  STOP TALKING, WRITING ABOUT HIM AT ALL; and, most of all, do NOT read or report on his tweets!  He is NOT the POTUS so stop using that as an excuse to continue to report on this madman!  Help save our country, demand a NEW, FAIR ELECTION as soon as possible and let’s put this horrendous tragedy behind us as soon as possible


The media FOR PROFIT is responsible for Donald Trump being taken seriously by many as a candidate for the President of the United States! They have managed to make a laughingstock of the United States by continuing to cover the buffoon TV personality as a serious candidate! Initially, the media treated Trump’s candidacy as a joke, laughing and barely containing their amusement at the stupid, ignorant, racist things he said. They continued covering EVERY word he said, allowed him to CALL IN INTERVIEWS, lapped up every word he said because it guaranteed them ratings dollars!

As with everything, there comes a time to pay the piper and the day has finally come, especially with the media FOR PROFIT! They are shaking and scratching their heads, wondering out loud how did it ever get this far! Well, it snowballed from laughs and giggles to serious business because the media FOR PROFIT covered Trump as though he was a serious candidate and SOME people’s bigotry and racism is easily encouraged! Every day they heard Trump say outrageous racist, bigoted things and the media accepted his statements as “normal” when THEY WERE NOT!

The media should have ignored him or at least pointed out the things he was saying were totally unacceptable in a free, tolerant society. They should have destroyed his candidacy like they have always done in the past when a candidate did or said something so obviously unacceptable for a candidate for the President of the United States. Instead, for ratings, they continued to cover his asinine, ridiculous statements as though they were deserving of serious analysis and thought. So, SOME of the people believed, since the media was covering it, it must be acceptable to believe the things he was saying and they began REPEATING it and giving the beliefs respectability! The media’s actions also made it respectable to show up at a rally for Trump and expect to be treated with as much respect as any other supporter for a candidate!

After the initial guffaws at the TV celebrity’s ignorance and bigotry, the media should have treated Trump like they treat a KKK, Nazi or Arian Race member, as an ignorant extremist, and then moved on. Any followers of Trump should have been given the exact same treatment as Trump, they should have been treated like members of the KKK, Nazi or Arian Race groups, free to say whatever they wish but shunned by all who have the slightest bit of intelligence or concern for their fellow human beings! Let’s all SPEAK UP, let the Trumpsters know how we feel about their racist, bigoted, ignorant ideas. Let’s make them ashamed of their treatment of their fellow human beings, let them know their behavior and words are unacceptable in a tolerant, fair society! Make them hide and wear masks!


If the leader of the KKK announced a campaign as a GOP candidate for the President of the United States, how would the GOP react? Would they accept the announcement, include him in the debates, treat him with respect? I seriously doubt that they would. The problem is that Donald Trump has actually said what MANY in the GOP actually think but are unwilling to say, so he is allowed to continue the charade of a campaign. Now, the GOP, in addition to the media for PROFIT, is shaking and scratching its head as to what to do with Trump’s candidacy, which is destroying what’s left of their Party!

Trump’s support is stuck at around 30% in the GOP and he can NEVER win a general election due to many reasons, but, especially due to his lack of Hispanic/people of color support. So, the GOP has to find a way to end his candidacy, at least as a GOP candidate, which they never should have allowed in the first place. I’m not shedding tears for them; they get what they deserve because most of them are cave dwellers who belong in the 18th century and are trying to enforce their religious beliefs on everyone else through laws?

The GOP as a party is finished and needs to make a graceful exit. All moderate GOP have disappeared and the extremists are bringing our government to a halt. It’s time the GOP stepped aside and a party with some grownups grouped together to help the Democrats run our country in a more efficient, fair, and equitable manner. (I’ll admit that the Democrats do have their own far-out extremists who should receive a similar treatment as the Trumpsters!) But, in the meantime, I do wonder exactly how the GOP is going to get Trump out of the way, not to mention the sleepy-eyed, totally ignorant in all things political, Carson!! LMFAO

Some say, well, Trump draws huge crowds so we must listen to him. NO WE DO NOT! We have to allow him and his followers’ freedom of expression but the media does NOT have to cover his speeches; and, we do NOT have to give him or his followers ANY respect for their views! We must allow the KKK, Nazi and Arian groups to have parades but we do not have to agree with or respect them or go to their damned parades!

Actually, in my view, the people who attend Trump’s speeches should be wearing masks like the KKK. And, I think it’s time for the IRS to begin an investigation of Trump and those who donate to him in order to put him out of business, just like they did the KKK! We have all sat by and watched this horrendous TV reality show and it’s time we call it what it is and show it the disrespect that it deserves. We need to speak up every time we hear someone say they support Trump the same way we would if someone said they support the KKK, Nazi or Arian groups! We need to make people ashamed to admit they are in any way associated with Trump and his racism, bigotry, and ignorance!

Politico Owes Hillary Apology for Misleading Article Re Israel! posted an article on Friday, October 16, 2015, with a title that was IMHO intentionally misleading saying HRC signals she would be better for Israel than Obama! But, when one reads the article, it is clear there was no basis in fact for the article’s title, which infuriated many Palestinian supporters!

Politico has posted many anti HRC articles in the past and have clearly distorted her statements and views, starting in ’08 campaign.

Here is what the article actually said re HRC’s views re the Israel/Palestine conflict:

“Clinton’s private responses in some ways resemble a foreign policy Rorschach test; donors who see a deal as important to world peace have come away thinking that Clinton shares their perspective, but so, too, do donors who oppose any prospective agreement as compromising Israeli security.”

“Her support for the negotiating process and touting support for Israel are not contradictory,” said Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill. “A strong deal is good for Israel in her view.”
And several people who’ve heard her address the issue say the fact that different people can come away with such different interpretations is a testament to her nuanced approach to the issue and her skill as a politician, rather than any vacillation on the subject.”

Read more: more:

So, basically, the TIITLE of the article could not and was not substantiated! IMHO, Politico did a hit job on HRC as they have done in the past! They also knew an article with such a negative view of HRC’s policy would gain readers! Typical of today’s mainstream media, more interested in ratings/reader count than the TRUTH!

Here is a more accurate view of HRC’s stands over the years regarding Israel/Palestine taken from Wikipedia 10/21/2015:

“Regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, Clinton has stated that she is “an emphatic, unwavering supporter of Israel’s safety and security.”

On July 18, 2006, Clinton spoke at a pro-Israel rally in New York in front of the United Nations. She supported Israel’s efforts in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict: “We are here to show solidarity and support for Israel. We will stand with Israel, because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones.”

On November 13, 2005, Clinton said that she supports the creation of the West Bank barrier, stating: “This is not against the Palestinian people. This is against the terrorists. The Palestinian people have to help to prevent terrorism. They have to change the attitudes about terrorism.”[65] She has also requested that Palestinian leaders “change all textbooks in all grades” from the current ones, which are “hate-filled, violent and radical.”

As a senator and throughout her career, Clinton had supported a law that requires identifying Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In September 2011, as Secretary of State, she filed a brief with the US Supreme Court opposing “any American action, even symbolically, toward recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” because of the influence it might have on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

During an interview while the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict was ongoing, Clinton said that Hamas had intentionally provoked Israel by firing rockets into that country. In regard to whether Israel’s response against Hamas had been proportionate, she said, “I’m not a military planner, but Hamas puts its missiles – its rockets – in civilian areas. Part of it is that Gaza’s pretty small and it’s very densely populated. They put their command and control of Hamas military leaders in those civilian areas. Israel, I know, has sent warnings and tried to get people to move, but in any kind of conflict there are going to be civilian casualties, and we need to try to get to a cease-fire as soon as possible.”

Clearly, HRC is NOT anti-Palestinian or totally pro Israel. She’s very aware of the complexities of a problem that has had negative effects throughout the world for decades and the many efforts to negotiate a fair & equitable peace. It would be absurd for someone with her knowledge, experience to make a statementt such as Politico indicated in the title of its article but was unable to substantiate with facts in the actual article!

But, Politico also knew the TITLE of the article would do the damage it intended to do to HRC! I witnessed their lies and distortions in ’08 but will not sit idly by while they continue their efforts to destroy her credibility on such an extraordinary subject that affects world peace just for their greediness for more dollars thru readership and their bias against her!

Every time Politico uses a negative article title towards HRC without facts in the article to back up the title or every time they do a hit piece on HRC to negatively affect her poll ratings, I intend to make them accountable for their actions by letting the people know what/why they are doing it. I will post blogs and use Twitter to inform people of the TRUTH, which is what Politico is SUPPOSED to be doing!

Did Hillary Actually Vote For Iraq War? Please Read Before Fall For Simple/Incorrect Accusation!

Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002,[1] Pub.L. 107–243

The resolution “supported” and “encouraged” diplomatic efforts by President George W. Bush to “strictly enforce through the U.N. Security Council all relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq” and “obtain prompt and decisive action by the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion, and noncompliance and promptly and strictly complies with all relevant Security Council resolutions.

The problem was that President George W. Bush did NOT “strictly enforce through the U.N. Security Council ALL relevant Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq. And he did NOT “obtain prompt and decisive action by the Security Council to ensure that Iraq abandons its strategy of delay, evasion, and noncompliance and promptly and strictly complies with all relevant Security Council resolutions.!

Bush ignored these provisions in the law passed by Congress, abused his power, and went straight to war!

Those who say that Hillary/others voted FOR war are INCORRECT! Bush was given authorization to go to war with Iraq AS A LAST RESORT!

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Anatomy of a Smear Campaign by Jan Eller

Hillary Clinton A Neocon? Come On People, You KNOW Better!

My reply to a quote from an article in NYTimes “The Next Act of the Neocons” by
Jacob Heilbrunn July 5, 2014

@BewareTheBeliev comments in bold, italic

Heilbrunn TRIES to make the case that Hillary Clinton is a neocon but fails miserably!  Why?  Because one can not prove something that is NOT TRUE!
Heilbrunn says:

“And the thing is, these neocons have a point. (So the neocons prefer HRC over Rand Paul, what a SURPRISE! BUT, THAT does not make HRC a neocon!)

Mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq war (please read speech she made with vote in my blog post, );

supported sending arms to Syrian rebels (So, anyone who’s not an isolationist is a neocon?!! Is Obama a neocon? He IS militarily supporting Syrian rebels. You, others, want up/down decisions when it’s NOT an up/down world!);

likened Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, to Adolf Hitler (So what! He DID invade Ukraine! How does that make her neocon?!!);

wholeheartedly backs Israel (Since when does supporting Israel make one a neocon? She is for two-state solution, which WILL require Palestine to recognize Israel’s right to exist.);

and stresses the importance of promoting democracy. (WOW! If one promotes democracy THAT makes them a neocon? How absurd! Since democracy is supposed to support the rights of ALL people, I would think a POTUS would promote democracy!)

1. A political philosophy developed in the 1970s and 1980s, advocating the active use of government power in pursuit of conservative domestic and foreign policies.

2. A conservative who advocates the assertive promotion of democracy and United States national interest in international affairs including through military means.

Anyone who calls Hillary Clinton a neocon is sadly mistaken and have not one leg to stand on to make that claim! They have simply believed the main stream media’s portrayal of her as such in the ’08 primaries. Prior to that, she had actually been referred to as a socialist and a communist!

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What We Got with UNQUALIFIED GOP Bush POTUS! Walker is WORSE!

Once before, “We the People” allowed the Supreme Court of the United States to install as President of the United States a cocky, unqualified MAN who took his orders from those who paid for his election!  His opponent, Al Gore, was supremely qualified for the position and actually WON the election!

The shenanigans in the 2000 election in Florida, with Jeb Bush as Governor and the GOP in charge of the voter qualification lists were an embarrassment to the United States and should have been investigated by the U.N.!

The Democrats should have taken to the streets to stop such a coup; but, I remember what it was like and there was palpable fear throughout the country as to what was going to happen!  The RWNJ GOPers, gun-loving fanatics had made it clear that there would be blood in the streets if George W. Bush was not installed as President!

The cocky, somewhat ignorant, George W. Bush took his orders and began appointing members of HIS cabinet BEFORE he was appointed the President and NO ONE STOPPED HIM OR MADE A MOCKERY OF HIM FOR DOING IT! Instead, the main stream media fools covered each appointment as though it was a done deal!

Where was Al Gore during ALL of this?  Who the hell knows!  Who was giving him advice to sit back and take all of George W. Bush’s bullshit?  I have no idea!  I do know that MOST democrats are peace-loving people who prefer negotiations to a bloody war in the streets!  Most Democrats did not want the stupid, for-profit main stream media practically announcing to the world that democracy had failed!

So, George W. Bush and his “owners” pulled off the coup with the help of the Florida and the United States Supreme Courts!  Very shortly, we were in TWO wars and not long after, another Presidential election was stolen by using major states like Ohio and Bush had another four years to almost destroy our nation!

When Bush’s VP Cheney “accidentally” shot a friend and didn’t inform Bush first before anyone else, I think that was the breaking point between George W and his handlers!  His handlers NEVER would have approved of his nominating Harriet Miers, White House Counsel, for the Supreme Court! LMFAO  So, I felt he was on his on from there and boy did he ever fuck it up!

George W. Bush inherited a country in its prime and ready for the next century.  Just think what it would be like NOW if the Supreme Court had truly been impartial and decided for Al Gore, the one with the true rights to be President of the United States!  What a difference there would be if the main stream media were NOT for profit and did the job without bias or without entertainment purposes!  We would be so much more advanced than we are and the world would be a much better place to live in and to leave to our children!

We must NEVER let this kind of thing happen again, even if we have to FIGHT for our rights!  NEVER let the bullies win!  Their demands will NEVER stop and they will suck you dry!

Let’s rid ourselves of the GOP/TP/ALEC/Koch Party in 2016 and get back on track to being the greatest, most compassionate nation in the world!  Let’s set an excellent example for those nations who thirst for freedom for their people and a fair and just world for all!

Scott Walker Would NOT Qualify for His Own Staffs’ Jobs!

Governor Walker can NOT even qualify for MOST of the high-paying, professional jobs in Wisconsin because they REQUIRE a college degree! Hell, he can NOT even qualify for MOST of the jobs that people who report to him have!  I am amazed that the people of Wisconsin have allowed this unqualified man to be Governor of their state and they are suffering for allowing it!

NOW, Scott Walker wants to be President of the United States, the leader of the free world!  Come on, people, he’s not even qualified to be a legitimate candidate!  He’s certainly NOT QUALIFIED for the position he seeks!

The first two years of college are basically the same for everyone; and, to me, they were almost a repeat of my last two years of a college preparatory high school.  Actually, they were much easier!  The last two years are where the specialties are studied and they CAN be very challenging.  It’s the last year that Scott Walter, Governor of Wisconsin is MISSING!

I would like to make it clear that I know many highly intelligent people who do not have college degrees.  A college degree shows the ability to be disciplined and to “jump through hoops” when necessary to attain goals; but, it is not a guarantee of intelligence or common sense!

College tends to make one analyze one’s own beliefs as to their validity.  It exposes people to other cultures and beliefs, which is required for anyone who wishes to be the leader of the free world!  For example, I knew a very religious young woman who left college and returned to her small-town home when she discovered in a class that the people of a huge country sincerely worshipped cows! She was unable to accept that all she had been taught and believed MIGHT not be correct.

Of course, we have had “puppet” presidents before who have taken their directions from those who bought the election for them!  I, for one, do NOT want the Koch brothers and their cronies running this country!  There is no doubt that Scott Walker is fully supported by the Kochs and there is no doubt that he does not have the qualifications to be President of the United States!

Scott Walker needs to crawl back into his RWNJ cave and spend his time drawing stick figures on the cave walls and save whatever dignity he can while he can!  Scott Walker needs to leave the leadership of this country to those best qualified to lead it!

Surely “We the People” are not going to elect for President of the United States a MAN lacking even a basic college degree with a belief system that belongs in centuries past. Of course, IF he had finished his degree, he MIGHT have been forced to analyze his belief system a little more closely!

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