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The mourning has been hellacious, every waking moment, for the fraud election in which Putin cyber attacked the Democratic Party, Hillary, and our country! He started a Cyber War and appears to have won the first major battle by installing his puppet, Predator-in-Chief T***Pf and his cronies in the White House to wreak havoc in any way possible and to steal every last penny from the 99%!

Mourning time is OVER! It’s been replaced by extreme, almost uncontrollable anger, DAILY! Really, watching T***Pf attend a prayer ceremony!  Give me a break!  Any child who attends church regularly knows it is NOT 2 Corinthians, its 2nd Corinthians.  I’d like to see “undoctored” pics of that scumbag in a church for any reason other than a wedding!  Evangelicals who support/ed him need to walk the aisle again and ask for forgiveness!  They supported a man who admitted to sexually assaulting GIRLS on numerous TV programs, in magazine interviews and BRAGGED about seeing their naked bodies, described them and said it was his right to “inspect the product”!  Any evangelical who can support this man, seriously needs to check their moral compass, no matter what they THINK he is going to do for them!  What he did and said was NOT fake news; he did these things and said them BEFORE he ran for POTUS so there was no reason for anyone to make it all up!

New York has known for a long time that T***Pf is a braggart, business failure, and a narcissist! Why the media4$s did not expose him I can only guess they were greedy and put money over country OR T***Pf and Putin have enough to blackmail and expose them as the immoral, low-integrity people they are.  But, instead of exposing him, they gave him millions of dollars of free ads, acted like his minions, covered his tweets instead of the Russian invasion and helped Putin attack America and install his puppet as POTUS!  They didn’t even keep after him DAILY until he released his tax returns, which, by the way he still has NOT!  I strongly suspect he’s worth MUCH less than he claims or is deeply in debt, either of which will disappoint his adoring fans!

Did you ever see T***Pf actually campaign amongst the people? No, he only held rallies and called in to so-called news shows from the comfort of his bed eating doughnuts!  I thought he must be a germophobe and afraid to shake hands with people; turns out I may have been right!  Our new illegitimate POTUS may be afraid to shake hands with people in addition to his hundreds of other faults as a despicable example for a human being!

The point is that the extreme anger needs an outlet so it is time to fight for our Democracy! And, any liberal leaders who are not willing to fight need to step aside and let the people speak!  T***Pf has an approval rating of lower than 40% so the MAJORITY of the people in this country do not want this scoundrel for POTUS.  Some continue to call him POTUS as though he is legitimate!  STOP IT!  He’s NOT the legitimate POTUS!  He was installed by Putin by way of a Cyber War and should be removed NOW!  If Putin had attacked us with missiles, almost all Americans would be up in arms demanding a NEW ELECTION!  Well, Putin DID attack us, even if you don’t understand computers and cyber warfare, believe all the intelligence agencies and directors who are telling you daily that he did!

The ONLY way to correct what has been done and to prove to Putin that he cannot control America is to have a NEW ELECTION! He may have thought he won; but, if we have a NEW, FAIR ELECTION, we will have WON!  A new election is not something we usually do in our democracy because we so strongly believe in the “peaceful transfer of power”!   But these are NOT usual times, we are in a cyber WAR with Russia and if we let them install our POTUS, we have lost the first MAJOR battle.  The freedom of the entire world depends on our reaction to this attack!   So far, our reaction has been feeble, which is only making Putin and his thugs stronger by the second.  We must answer Putin’s attack with a NEW, FAIR ELECTION immediately!  The media should report on the progress being made toward the new election, T***Pf and gang should be removed from the White House and ALL power removed.  He’s shown he supports Russia, the one who attacked us!  Get him out of there!  The media should disqualify him like they have others in the past:  STOP TALKING, WRITING ABOUT HIM AT ALL; and, most of all, do NOT read or report on his tweets!  He is NOT the POTUS so stop using that as an excuse to continue to report on this madman!  Help save our country, demand a NEW, FAIR ELECTION as soon as possible and let’s put this horrendous tragedy behind us as soon as possible

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