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Law To Require ALL Men To Wear PENIS HARNESS To Stop Population Explosion/Control Spread of Sexual Diseases! :-)

I am starting a movement to get a law introduced into Congress that would require ALL men to wear a “penis harness” to stop the population explosion and to help control the spread of sexual diseases!  Rationing cards would be distributed to each man; the cards would allow the removal of the penis harness for short periods of time but only on certain days.  The ration cards would be designed to unlock only the penis harness of the person to whom the ration cards were issued.

Of course, due to the sanctity of marriage in this country, married men would be issued more ration cards than single men but the days and times that the ration cards could be used would be strictly enforced!  Each week the man would have to be examined by a doctor to make sure the penis was free of disease and that the harness had not been inappropriately used.

Naturally, the penis harness checkup could only be done in a medical clinic that had extensive governmental controls!  The checkup could only be done by certain approved doctors.  Due to these restrictions, there could only be one clinic in each state because it would be entirely too expensive to provide multiple clinics in each state!

The penis harness is absolutely necessary since we can no longer pay for the upkeep and support of so many children being born in this country and the costs of treating people with sexual diseases is no longer an acceptable practice since it goes against most people’s values!

When this law is introduced, I expect there will be tremendous opposition from ALL men in this country and some women!  Can you imagine the uproar!

There would be NO men who would support such an absurd, offensive law; and, yet, there are SOME women who are supporting the outrageously offensive laws that are being passed against women in this country by mostly Republican, self-righteous, misogynistic slime balls!  Cowardly, sorry excuses for men are introducing and passing asinine laws that no one would have thought anyone would have even considered just ten years ago!

WTF is going on in this country and WHY are some women willing to support such obviously offensive laws against women, their OWN kind?  Normally I would say each to her own opinion; but, in this case, these women are our own worst enemies in this War On Women!  They MUST wake up and realize that they are on the WRONG side of this War Against Women!  And, SOME of us are getting sick and tired of fighting against them for THEIR rights!  We’re also getting tired of their calling their own kind sluts and turning up their noses when they hear the word feminist!  And, if I hear one more WOMAN say they are protecting the rights of the “unborn” in this fight, I’m going to puke!  How stupid can these women be!   Are they really so blind that they cannot see that they are only a few steps away from becoming chattel again and having to wear chastity belts!  Maybe if we require THEIR men to wear penis harnesses they will finally STFU!

“The Believers” Draft Unjust Laws Against Women!

Imagine that you have one group of tolerant, “live and let live” people and you have one group of intolerant, self-righteous people.  Imagine an issue (any issue) comes up which must be defined and legislation drafted. Which group will say that there is only one right answer and they know what that answer is?  Which group will move rapidly to define the issue based on a very rigid set of rules for fear that the masses will destroy the country. Which group does not need to research the issue or consult with anyone since, according to them, God has already ruled on all issues and it is their mission to spread the word and enforce his will.   It’s the intolerant group, of course.  I refer to this intolerant group as “the believers” because they honestly believe that they are always right because God is their leader and there is no room for doubt.  It is the mission of “the believers” to make sure that everyone becomes a believer; they must convert everyone to their beliefs and if they can’t convert them, they must make sure that they are never allowed to make any of the rules! They devote their lives to making sure everyone lives by their rules, which they will always claim to be God’s rules! Recently, “the believers” have mostly been Republicans!

Unless the tolerant, “live and let live” group is awakened to the fact that there is a group who will stop at nothing to make sure that they make the rules, tolerance and justice for all will not survive.  The tolerant group must at all times protect the rights of all groups to participate in the making of the laws which govern everyone.  The tolerant group does not take to this chore easily since their very makeup goes against making rules for everyone.  Those who make up the tolerant group desire to “live and let live” and making one rule for everyone goes against the independence they cherish!

But, history has shown over and over again that the tolerant group absolutely must at all times be on guard and protect the rights of all groups; whenever they have failed to do so in the past, the intolerant, self-righteous people among them have assumed control and eventually brought about untold suffering and destroyed the freedom and independence that they cherish so much!  Beware, the intolerant group of “believers” is on the march again and the rights of women are at stake.  So, as much as we who worship tolerance deplore telling others how to live their lives, we must stand up and make our voices heard and stop the laws that are being drafted against women in Washington and all across this country before we find ourselves chattel AGAIN!

Can Obama BUY the Presidency? YES HE CAN!

Public campaign financing is supposed to guard against the Presidency being bought by any one group whether that group is 300,000 strong or 1,000,000 strong!  The population of theUnited Statesis 300,000,000 and no one group should be able to run roughshod over the population just because they have enough money to do so.  The Presidency should not be for sale!  Democrats have fought for years for public campaign financing that would prevent any group from being able to buy the Presidency.  If a campaign gets its funds from the public, it is the public that is served.  If a campaign gets its funds from a group (no matter how large or small the group is), it is the group that is served NOT the public.

Obama’s campaign ran roughshod over theClintoncampaign outspending her sometimes by as much as 5 to 1; and the so-called “free” press did not do its job because many had stars in their eyes due to the money that was being thrown around.  Obama was able to “buy” many more Superdelegates than theClintoncampaign.  No campaign should be able to “buy” support but the media remained mute on the process mostly because the media was making money on both campaigns.

Now, we are supposedly in the general election mode and Obama and his one million strong are running roughshod over McCain and there appears to be no one who will stand up for the remaining 299 million citizens who should have a voice in this election.  The media that should be the watchdog for the 300 million citizens in this country and should have dogged Obama about his opting out of public campaign financing instead are complimenting him for his political acumen!

There is NO EXCUSE for the citizens of this country and its supposed watchdog media allowing the Presidency to be bought whether it is being bought by a group of 300,000 or a group of 1,000,000!  There are 300 million people in this country and 1 million people should not be able to dictate the rules just because they have enough money to do so.  Republicans have managed to dictate the rules in some elections because they had more money than the Democrats.  It was wrong when the Republicans bought the elections and it is wrong for the Democrats to buy the elections.

Obama’s opting out of public campaign financing shows he is just another politician capable of buying the Presidency and choosing to do so!  Guess the remaining 299 million citizens in this country had better just get used to Obama and his 1 million strong dictating the rules because there is no media outlet that is not subject to the all mighty dollar!

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